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Get in muh bellay!!!! :o)

roduction~~ ::hehe, Im writing a book like Shannon said!!:: Alrighty then. Let me get started on this lovely journey of, umm, August 1st I think. Hehe. I posted a tongue experience on here called "Woo hoo!! Theres a hole in my TOUNGE!!!" in March and got lotsa lotsa e-mails . Thanks guys. Hehe, anyways, to my story. Im 16 and I live in Texas soooo it kinda sucks for me cuz piercing/tattoo's are illegal if ur under 18 (besides ears and evens till u have to have parents!!) I've thought about getting my belly button pierced before but I was never really excited about doing it. I've pierced it myself 2 times before but they both got hella infected so I took them out. I finally decited to get it done by a professional (which I strongly suggest, self piercings are dangerous!! naughty naughty)!! ~~Renee is off on her journey!!~~ I got my fakie that I used for my tongue, my $$MoNeY*$$ and headed downtown to 6th street with my friends Roger and Patti. We went to about 4 or 5 places, some of em didnt have a piercer there, some of em were more expensive and one of em was a BITCH!! :oP

Finally we went to this one place called the Glory Hole. The piercing was done upstairs and tattoos done downstairs. There was a guy behind the counter and he looked pretty bored. He had all kindsa cool piercings of course :o) It was Sunday night so it wasnt very popular at that time. I was talkin to him and told him what I wanted done. He got the forms and asked how old I was. I said 18 of course :o) He asked for my ID but barely looked at it then went over the after care with me Soak in sea salt in one week, dont use antibiotic ointment (Neosporin), dont use peroxide or alcohol, clean with antibacterial soap, do not swim for one month without using a waterproof seal, and ummm dont play with it ~~He stabbed me!! ::gasp::~~ (the piercing) We went in this one room and one of my friends (hi Roger!!!) went in there wit me. There was like a dentists chair I laid down on. Jeremy (my piercer) asked me if I got light headed if I got shots but I have a high tolerance for pain so that wasnt a problem. He looked at my belly button and said "Ahh, I see u've attempted this before........ hmm, 2 times!!". Hehe. I told him I was gonna let someone else do it this time :o) Jeremy cleaned it and told me to stand up so he could mark it. Then I laid back down and he clamped it. He asked me if it felt ok and of course it did. Then he told me to take a deep breath thru my mouth and let it out my nose, and when I was exhaling I felt the needle go thru part of me. He told me not to move because he had to get it thru the other side and it would fuck it up if I moved. It didnt even hurt me yet. He told me everything he was doing, "Now the ring is in!" Then he was done!! I hopped up and looked in this mirror on the wall. Woo hoo!! It was way neato :o) It was only $40, he was really nice and gave me a little deal kinda thing. I got my brochure on how to take care of it and all. ~~Afterwards, another hole in my body!!~~ After that, it did bleed for a while, longer than I thought. My friend told me it was cuz I was sorta drunk when I got it and that thins out ur blood I think. Anywho, That was Sunday night and now its 4:24AM Tuesday morning. It feels fine!! I slept just fine on my stomach without feeling any pain Its not even red at all ::knocks on wood::. I've been takin care of it really good. Wellllllll, if u have any questions for me, jus e-mail me or whatever. Thankies :o) Buh bye. Ciao. Peace. Later. Adios! ~~TipPerS~~ ~~Dont play with it. Dont put shit on it. Dont wear tight jeans around the waste. Clean it at LEAST twice a day, infections hurt like a fuckin bitch!! Dont swim in fresh or chlorinated water for 1 month. Go to a professional!!! Make sure everything is clean and sterile. Dont be all drunk cuz you'll bleed a lot. And ,uhh, just dont be a dumbass about it :oP ~~ ~Renee~ "Its just one of those days when u dont wanna wake up, everything is fucked. Every- body sucks." ~Limp Bizkit dont mind this, my story is 8 words short and Im being lazy.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: the+Glory+Hole
Location: 6th+street+baby%21%21+%28Austin%2C+TX%29

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