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The Day I Pierced My Belly Button

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When I was fourteen I talked my mom into letting me get my eyebrow pierced for my birthday. She was reluctant but in the end decided I should be able to decorate my body if I want to. She ended up loving it and was disappointed when it migrated out a year ago. She actually encouraged me to get it re pierced but I had other areas in mind. I had been looking at this web page for some time and had decided I wanted to get either my tongue or my belly button pierced. I printed of the information on these peircings and asked my mom if she would look over it while she was sunbathing. I came outside in an hour and asked her which piercing she liked he best. She told me that she thought a belly button ring would look cute on me but that a tongue ring wasn't as stomaching... So I told her when I got money I was going to get my belly button pierced. She had no problem with it and since I was the legal age to be pierced I didn't have to drag her with me to sign consent forms this time. I really didn't know when I was going to do it but it ended up being the very next day. I was downtown in Hamilton Ont. (where I live) Buying a bikini with my friend Mike. We were walking along King street and we walked past Aardvark. I told him I wanted to go in to talk to the girls behind the counter. The were super friendly and answered my questions. I had gotten my eyebrow done at Aardvark and I knew they were clean and good. All of a sudden I just wanted it done right then. I asked her if they were all booked for the day and she said yes until 3:30. It was about 1 but me and Mike couldn't really wait because we were supposed to go see I Mother Earth in Toronto and we would miss our ride. We told this to the girl behind the counter and she said she would see if she could fit me in. She could so I went in right away. I was surprisingly not nervous. When I had gotten my eyebrow done I was terrified and overly worked up about it. Then when I had it done I saw that it was nothing, almost no pain. I stood up and let the piercer mark a little dot on my belly button and then he clamped me. I found it hard not to laugh because the clamp tickled until he snapped it down. Then it was sort of uncomfortable. I laid down on a flat bed and held the clamp while he got my ring out of the sterilize and opened up all the sealed packages with the serialized tools in it. The needle I noticed was a lot larger then the the ring but I remembered my eyebrow ring one was too. The piercer told me to take a deep breath and as I did he poked the needle through. It felt like I was begin hole punched and it did hurt, but it was over in a second. He then told me stories of people getting sick or peeing themselves when they got pierced as he put the ring through and fit the bead into place. I had picked out a turquoise and black bead to match my new bikini. I stood up and looked in this little mirror at my new piercing. It was cute and only a little bit red but NO blood. I thanked the piercer and paid for the ring then left. My friend took a really close up picture of it just minutes after I got it done. My mom just loves it and so do my friends. It was the best $40 I have spent in a while. The second day after the piercing it was a lot more painful and much redder. I cleaned the piercing with Epsom salts diluted in a cup of water as I was instructed to do five times that day. The second day it hurt even a bit more but the third day the pain was at a minimum and the redness went down. Now I have a little moon/star charm hanging from it and it looks really cute. Im glad that I got it done and to anyone who is scared or nervous about getting it pierced, dont worry. It isn't that bad and you will love it!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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