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Holly's navel story

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There has always been something fascinating to me about pierced navels. When I was a freshman in high school, (and this is about 8 years ago--I am 21 years old now) I decided that I wanted my own navel pierced. My early high school years were about finding my own sense of self and individualism, unlike my female peers, who were mainly concerned with mirroring each other's appearances and personal tastes. I was the girl who wasn't particularly "girly", and I was even referred to as a "transcendentalist" by my English teacher. What I'm trying to say, is that I was into the whole navel piercing concept even before it entered into the mainstream.

One day, on a whim, I decided to pierce my own belly button.  So I plunked

a couple of ice cubes into a glass, rubbed my safety pin down with peroxide, and began the "numbing process." As soon as my navel area was frost-bitten to the point of satisfaction, I began shoving the pin through the top of my belly button. Having numbed the area at first, I felt little pain, although it took about an hour to get the safety pin all the way through. So there I was, calling my friends, proclaiming to the world, that I was the first person they would ever see with her belly button pierced, outside of Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's "Crying" video. (hehe)

After two days (and surprisingly with NO problems...I was lucky), I got

bored with my safety pin, and I took it out. This is my first navel piercing excursion. The years went by, and before I knew it, I was off to college.

One weekend when I was home from school, I was having coffee with my best

friend. We were discussing her new tattoo, and she lifted her shirt to show me her pierced navel. It looked really nice on her, and I began to feel inspired. I had considered getting mine done professionally for several years, and the only thing really preventing me from doing it was a crippling fear of needles that had later in high school. I am petrified of needles--and I was terrified at the idea of one going through the flesh of my belly.

I began to do research on the subject of navel piercing, and luckily I

stumbled upon BME, where there were plenty of "navel stories" from women and men. Most agreed that the pain of navel piercing was minimal, and the process was quick. This is all I needed to hear--I made my appointment at The Gypsy Rose for the following Friday to have my navel pierced.

The week before my piercing, I was incredibly anxious.  50% excitement,

and 50% nerves. My friend agreed to cut out of work early to go with me, and it helped to know that I wouldn't be alone.

Friday came, and my friend took me to lunch to calm my nerves (and also to

raise my blood-sugar level to reduce the chance of my fainting!!!), and I was very nervous. 1:00 finally rolled around, and we strolled into The Gypsy Rose. I suppose it was very typical of places that do tattoos and body piercing--Led Zeppelin posters, beaded hemp necklaces, jewelry cases, men with long hair/bald heads getting their 128th tattoo, etc. It had a very cozy feel--there was a couch with a TV, and a table with an ashtray. There was some vintage rock band playing in the background. I spotted a woman of about 45 with her eyebrow pierced with bleached blonde hair, and I said, "I have an appointment at 1:00pm to get my navel pierced." She just smiled and said, "Oh, it's you!! I'll be right back--I'll get the room cleaned up, and you can pick out your jewelry and have a smoke!!" I stood at the jewelry case looking at the wide assortment of rings, barbells, and beads. I chose a 14g silver curved barbell (hey, I'm a minimalist), and sat down to have my cigarette. Not too much later than I lit up, she came waltzing out of the white piercing room and said, "Hey, whenever you're ready." I finished my cigarette, and walked into the white room. It smelled clean and disinfected, and the floor tiles were polished to a pearly sheen. I tucked my shirt into my bra, and the piercer marked the entry/exit holes. She told me to relax, and that it wouldn't be half as bad as I was expecting it to be. She told me to lay back on the table (which reminded me of getting a pap smear), and my friend held my hand. On the ceiling, there was a little figurine dangling from a pipe, the cartoon character, Bobby. I just gazed up at the ceiling, squeezing my friend's hand, and before I knew it, she put the clamp on my navel. It pinched a little, but nothing too painful at all. The piercer told me, "I am now going to poke you with the needle" (or something to that effect), and I felt a little poke, and some pressure as the needle was being pushed through. The pain (as little as there was) lasted for no more than 15 seconds, and the next thing I knew, my piercer told me she was screwing the ball on barbell, and we'd be finished. I was pierced!!! I didn't actually see the piercing taking place, and for a few minutes, I wouldn't look down at my new barbell. My friend just kept smiling, and telling me "how darling" and "how cute" it looked on me. I remember the piercer saying, "Yes, she really suits it, and it's the right size." And then I fainted. This is simply my way of dealing with needles. I black out. When I awoke, there was a cool moist towel on my forehead, and a little cup of water on a table beside me. Before long, I sat up drank my water, and went over to the mirror beside the table. I lifted up my shirt, and there it was!! It was perfect. It was completely the way I had hoped it to be. I left the piercing room in a state of bliss with my friend, we had a "cigarette of triumph", I paid the piercer, and I drove home.

It is now Tuesday--I have been officially pierced for four days or so.  I

clean my piercing three times a day with Dial antibacterial soap as directed by my piercer, and dab Neosporin on it the entry and exit holes before bed. So far, no crusties, minimal soreness, no real problems. I can't sleep on my stomach, but otherwise life goes on as normal. I guess I am really paranoid that it will become infected, but I never touch or play with the area unless I'm cleaning it. Otherwise, hands off!! And so far, my navel piercing has been receiving the delicate aftercare rituals that it requires, so I'm sure it will be okay.

To anyone who wants to get their navel pierced--just throw caution to the

wind and do it. I love my newly pierced navel. It is an extension of my personality--it's a little strange, a little sexy, and a little bit kooky--it's a silver little bit of me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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