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Reserved navel piercing

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I am from one of the most reserved families in America. So you can just imagine my mother's shock and horror when I told her I was going to have my navel pierced. I talked about this for over a year until I finally got the nerve to do it. Something about it excited me. The look of them I find appealing and sexy. I have never been a follower, so that was not it. I wanted to be different in some way, have something not everyone else has. And keeping it hidden doesn't bother me. But showing it off IS loads of fun.

My cousin was home from Texas (we live in Ga). We were out doing some shopping and passed a tattoo shop. She, the rebel of the family, has her tongue and navel pierced and tattoos all over. All hidden under her clothes from our "delicate family's" eyes.

So in we go. The Ink Wizard is known for quality tattoos here in Georgia and all over I believe. Very clean atmosphere, very friendly staff. Wonderful art work of tattoos all over the walls. It even smelled clean. Everyone was very laid back. I told her I needed to think it over. "Well, if you don't do it now you will never get it done".  I think that was the most intelligent thing I have heard her say yet to this very day. She had made so much sense in that one sentence I think I was more stunned than scared. Did I mention the word scared. No, that's not the right word. I am absolutely PETRIFIED of needles of any kind. So this in itself was a big challenge to me. To go and have a huge needle rammed through my navel skin was terrifying to me. Hell, I was in 19 hours of hard labor with my child and had them numb my hand up before they gave me an I.v. So, chicken doodie would describe me perfectly. But, I had done the old "pinch myself there" thing and it didn't hurt. So if that didn't hurt, and she had hers done, and she was there with me, and I would probably never go back into a shop like that again,I better go ahead and do it.

The guy, can't remember his name for the life of me, was so cool. He was friendly and warm and just an out-going person which put me immediately at ease. He had tattoos all over his arms, and his septum pierced as well as his eyebrow. Even his lip was pierced. I could tell he was in his own environment. He had me fill out a piece of paper, look at my license to make sure I was of age, and asked me what size gauge I wanted. I didn't know, but I knew I didn't want the little hoop like everyone else had. I wanted something bigger. I think I have a 14 gauge, could be wrong, but it's not small. I wanted to be more different than most if I was doing something that had become so popular.

So in we go into the back room. About 4 or 5 different sectioned off rooms. 96 Rock playing on the radio with some awesome tune. One girl was getting a tattoo on her leg of something. Couldn't see anything but the bottom of her leg and the guys hand. All the rest was covered by a curtain. The buzzing of the gun I remember distinctly. And in we go to the first room directly in front of the door. In I walked, cousin in tow, with this guy, to this room. And that's when I saw it. The needle in the package. As he took it out I felt myself get tight all over. I just knew I was going to die. Everything was sterilized and he put his gloves on.

He told me to raise up my shirt, un-button my jeans and unzip them about half way, tucking the front of my jeans into either side. He asked me if I wanted it pierced in a certain area. I did. Having my daughter and gaining 48 lbs... and then loosing 70 lbs... gave me a small stretch mark right above my navel that looked as if it had been pierced before any way and left only a scar. He put a purple dot there with a pen and asked if that was the spot. I told him it was. He then put the clips on my navel. Now, that was irritating to me. It didn't hurt, but it felt uneasy. Then he told me to sit on the very edge of the chair with my butt on the very front of the seat and to recline back and relax. So I reclined and tried my best to relax. He then told me he was about to put the needle in. I was so scared I thought I would pass out. He told me to take a few deep breaths, sensing my tension, and that it would be very quick and painless. Next he said "o.k. here we go". Prick. That was it. I was freaking out over that? Only a split second of a prick and it was over. I couldn't believe it, so I just sat there while he put the ring in.  I had to know it was entirely over before I looked. I was sitting there trying to gather my wits. Getting the ball on there caused a little pressure, but that was it.

Slowly I looked down, and to all my glory there it was. The coolest thing I had ever done to myself. It was the most fabulous looking thing I had ever seen. I was shaking now more from excitement than from being such a sissy. I was pierced. I really, really did it. I was so proud I wanted to show the world. I wanted to scream at them "look I am pierced and I love it. It makes me feel sexy. Whew hew!" But I controlled myself quite nicely. With the job being done we left.

Now sitting right after getting it done was a little hard. I had to keep un-buttoning my jeans so they wouldn't rub against the hoop. It took about a week for the stinging to go away, and about 2 months for me to realize that jeans and hoops don't mix. So off I went back up there to get a bar bell. Wish they would have done it with that instead. Once again, a friendly and pleasant staff. And now that I have the bar bell in I recommend it to everyone.

People always ask me if it hurt and I tell then no to pinch themselves there and then they realize that the nerves aren't that close to the skin for it to be painful.

So, for all of you who are babies about needles and are scared to have this done, take it from me, you will be so relieved you had it done. It is so quick, easy and painless. And then look at what you will have to show for your bravery, a cool bar bell with some cool stone in it. And you did it and no one can take that mental satisfaction away from you. Matter of fact, I am seriously thinking of my nipples next. Wish me luck. I know I won't be as scared this time though!

Lauren McGinnis laurenmcginnis@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Navel Piercing

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