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Navel Ring leads to Sister Bonding

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It all started on my 15th summer. My older sister Cara (18 years old) got her belly button pierced with a group of friends. I thought that this looked very cute and pretty. Our parents strongly disapproved but they thought that she was old enough to make her own decisions. Then when all of her friends raved about it, the belly button pierce was glorified. In the summer I saw her and all of her friends in their bikinis the boys loved it. And I looked at my virgin navel next to their decorated pieces of art. I decided that this would be a life goal, a navel ring.

I talked to Cara and she agreed that the appearance out weighed the pain. She promised me that she would take me to do it at the end of the summer if I paid for me and a little something for her, but that I had to see the actual piercing before I did mine. So I worked and saved and secretly thought of the look of a navel ring.

One day in mid summer Cara's friend, Sarah was going to get hers done. Cara was going to go with her and ordered me to come along if I was to still want her to fufill her end of the agreement. Sarah decided to get a 18g silver bar, just like sis. I thought that the experience was wonderful, Sarah's navel looked so cute and there were a group of guys that came in when it was happening and admired as well. The piercer did look at my navel and agree that it was piercable. I looked when I was in the piercing parlor and decided on a 16g gold ring with a little gold bead on it.

The next few weeks were long. I began to do curl-ups and use skin products all over my tummy and get a tan to make it look very pretty. I rarely questioned the idea of a navel pierce, I did contemplate when to get it done. Cara was going to collage in the end of summer but still would live at home. Finally the chance came. Dad had a business/golf trip to Florida, in mid August and wanted to take Mum along, for 12 days. That met 12 days of Cara and I alone in the house. We agreed that we would go the day they left ad get it pierced and what ever Cara said I had to pay her with. The week before Mum gave me 100 pounds for food and whatever else I might need in before her return. I put aside half and the other half was to be moderately used for food, underground and bus.

The night before Cara came in and talked to me and explained that I should wear a pair of athletic draw string shorts and a sports bra, because I would have to take my shirt off for the procedure. I selected a belly shirt, purple bra and a pair of Adidas soccer shorts. I was so nervous that I could not sleep. I tried to ease that tension by painting my nails but I was so nervous and shaking that the nail polish went all over my toe and not my nails.

The morning of I woke up and sad good by to Mum and Dad. I got dressed and ate breakfast. By now I had a huge adrenaline rush and was running around the house like a chicken with no head. Finally Cara was ready to take me to the parlor. When we arrived Cara took care of me. I selected the same ring and was told to wait until it was clean. There was nobody there and I was looking at the pics of other body piercing. Cara spent some time talking to the piercer/tattooist, Jenny would do my navel. I first had my navel marked then I sat in the chair, calmly the Jenny put clamp on. Next came the cleaning, it tickled. Then Jenny told me to count to three as the needle glided through. The ring was put on then I giggled with pleasure as Jenny sealed the ring.

Next came Cara. She took off her left shoe and Jenny drew a daisy tattoo on her big toe. She received it and I paid 15 for the Navel and 30 for the tattoo. Then as we were walking out the door I asked if I could get a tattoo. Jenny was free and I decided to get a butterfly below my navel and in my panties. Cara liked the design and agreed that this should be a sister thing and had Jenny dray a matching one for her. We were forced to shave to allow for an easier process, but that did not bother me. I went first and laughed the entire time because it felt so funny yet pleasurable at the same time. After Cara went we stood together so Jenny could take a photo of the sister bonding. The navel healed well under Cara's care, the skin around the tattoo hurt and I could not wear a pad when I had my period the following week. I love to fidget with my navel ring and flash it to the boys and laugh when they ask for a second look. The tattoo remains for my sis and future lovers enjoyment.

I love my Belly Button Ring and My Tattoo. Mum and Dad do not know and only my closest friend Ashley has seen the tattoo. I want to get another tattoo and pierced my tongue and something else soon. Any ideas?

Write Me about anything tattoo and piercing related and tell my your story if you are too shy to share it on BME.

-Kelly Owen bellyring69@England.com United KIngdom


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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