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Done Right, The Second Time Around

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Well it all started when i was in seventh grade, I wanted to get my navel pierced sooooo badly. So being the retard I am ( j/k) I pierced it myself (yeah I know , " how stupid", oh well.)

SO one day I got up the courage and took a safety pin and boiled it then dried it and went into my room and tried to pierce my belly button. I just grabbed the top part and tried to push the needle thru. I t was getting thru ok then it felt like a REALLY sharp pain going thru my navel. I just kept pushing until I heard a "pop." I closed the safety pin and cleaned around it with rubbing alcohol. It didn't hut that night , but when I woke up in the morning it killed like a b***h. OH MY GOD !!!!!! it was all swollen and when I moved the safety pin it killed and there was white stuff ( like puss) coming out if I put pressure in it. So that day when i came home fro school i took the safety pin out and put in a hoop with a little black bead (that I bought at Hot Topic.) It fit fine , but was still swollen. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol everyday to clean off what looked like little crust around the edge of the hoop where it met with the skin( like the crust that forms on your earring when you first get it pierced,) and moved it like once a day. After about three days the swelling went down and it looked good, just a little red around the top. It didn't hurt at all. I had that in for about two months when I noticed that it looked like only a little bit of the skin was pierced, I thought it looked stupid so I took it out. The only thing that sucked now was that there was a scar on the top of my belly button.

When I was in eighth grad I decide I wanted to get it pierced again, except this time I was going to get it professionally done. So my sister's boyfriend who is 21 agreed to take me. I was at the time in New York City and so I thought it would be easy to get it done there and they wouldn't ask a lot of questions. So I called one place that my cousin recommended because he got his tongue pierced there ( the name of it slips my mind right now, oh well.) When we got there it was around 10:30 and my appointment was at 11:00, so they told me to sit down and wait. I sat in this chair shaped like a big tongue ( this is irrelevant to the story , but still kinda cool :P .) A guy came over and told me his name was Ken and he would be piercing my navel. He gave me some forms to fill out and my sis.'s Bf signed. Then he brought over a plastic box that had tons of little hoops in it, I picked one with a little blue bead, he then took it to be sterilized. Then I went into this room that had what looked like a dental chair. There was a little table with instruments in blue packaging( it's how they sterilize it.) He gave me this list and it explained all the aftercare( like cleaning it with soap in the shower, and not to clean with rubbing alcohol because it was harsh for a sensitive area like that, he said if I wanted I could use bactine,) and what to do if I pulled it or it got infected, he also advised me to wear loose clothing for a while ( damn!, there go those leopard print spandex pants, J/K, haha,) so that I don't put pressure on the piercing. He showed me the clamp and the needle that he would use. He made the chair lean back so that it was like I was lying down on it. He told me that it wouldn't hurt and it would be over soon. He rolled up my shirt and took a felt tip pen and marked my belly button to know where the needle was going to go. I look at it and said " ok, you can pierce it now." Ken rubbed something on my belly button ( he said this was to clean it.) He put the clamp on, this pinched but I can handle pain so it wasn't that bad. I saw him pushing the needle thru but I couldn't really feel it, just felt like a little pressure. Then I saw him put the ring thru, it took him a couple of minutes to put the bead in, but he said it's always hard to get them in. He cleaned the area again and told me to go and see if I like it. I got up and looked at my new piercing I LOVED it.

It was a little red for a few days but overall it didn't hurt. I cleaned it 3 times a day ( once in the shower and twice with bactine.) After about a month it felt perfectly fine and didn't hut at all and wasn't red.

It's been about a year and a half since I got it done and I love it. I now have a curved barbell in ( it has a jewel on the inside part, so it looks like a little jewel inside my belly button, cool huh?.) I still clean it in the shower. I love the curved barbell it's so much cooled then a ring, and more comfy. When I wore jeans the ring would get pushed to one side and it would bend to one side and hurt me. Now that I have the curved/bent barbell it doesn't hut and stays straight. Plus guys always love playing with it , I don't know why.

Well it took me a while but I got it right and I love it. Maybe soon I will take a pic. and send it to BME.

I hope this helps anyone who wants their navel pierced, it doesn't hurt don't listen to what everyone says. Getting my cartilage pierced hurt more then my belly button! And that's your ear.

Advice- go to a professional and get it done, don't do it yourself. It's worth the money and time. Also I highly recommend putting in a curved barbell, it looks and feels better, also it heals straight.

THANK YOU, Love, ~~ Ally~~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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