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14 yr/old Pierced! - Navel

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Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I'm a 14 year old girl from CA. I never breaking rules, even cutting in line. I'm a big chicken when it comes to most everything besides rollar coasters. I used to be afraid of the big ones but now i've done EVERYTHING. I'm very conservative and a relatively good student.

After MONTHS of begging my mom to let me get my tongue pierced, I finally gave up. I posted "please?" signs all over the house, put up pictures of people with their tongues pierced, and even cleaned the house a few times. She said that it would dent my teeth and that I'd get kicked out of school. She said that she'd rather let me get my belly button pierced. BIG mistake on her part!

"If you get it done, it's after i talk to your spanish teacher." I had a C. Ok, I just plain suck at spanish. So after that horrific experience with that bitch of a teacher, my mom said ok.

So we call some places and ask how old I have to be. Apparently you have to be at least 16 WITH a parent. My mom was pissing and moaning but I was optimistic. "I have an idea" I went on the computer and printed out a fake school ID and put my picture on it. But as luck would have it, the laminating machine was at my dad's shop. We had to iron it with it's little card cover around it. It came out looking almost identical with my real one but with a few air bubbles in it. I got dressed in my sexy skirt to make me look older. Plus it was the only thing I had with an elastic wasteband. I put on a boatneck shirt and stuffed my bra with shoulder pads, cause face it, I don't have the chest of a 16 year old. I strapped on my super high heals and overdid my makeup just to look like a hussie. Kidding. It makes me look older. Ok, I was on my way!

In the car, I kept pinching my belly button. it really hurt. I was so calm for the whole car ride. I didn't know why. I still don't understand it. I freaked out about going on the Riddler's Revenge. (rollar coaster) Whenever I though about getting my tongue pierced, it gave me this adrenaline rush. But not about my belly button. Which is wierd because my friend told me this horror story about how one of her friends got it done and her belly button filled up with blood twice and she almost fainted.

So were're driving through OB and we pass the piercing place, Dr. Jefe's. At this point I got really nervous because the outside looked really junky and I was really looking for some place bigger like a real doctors office. It finally hit me that I was doing this.

I walk in the shop and it's pretty clean. The people at the desk have some strange piercings. The lady had her upper gum pierced so that it hung down over her teeth. The guy that talked to my mom on the phone had a HUGE bull nose piercing and his ears were stretched. My mom was acting all nosy. "Oh my, I've never seen THAT before. Did it hurt!" MOM!!

I look around at the ORGY shirts with the baywatch cast on them and the shirts that say "I fucked your girlfriend" or "I fucked your boyfriend" So the guy behing the counter asks to see some ID. I whip out my fake birth certificate which my religious mom made. What a sinner! I flashed my school ID and my mom explains how she doesn't want me driving until the summer. So everythings fine! He bought it.

I sat down on the very bright couch and started to shake. I hear through the piercing room, "Do you know who you are? I can't let you leave until you know who you are." Which REALLY didn't help me out. so the guy calls me into the back room. My piercer had a tiny silver look inside his nostril and his ears were folded with a cork through his ears, but not the lobes. He had a black cork in that chin/under the lip place which blended in with his goatee. I layed down on the table and got really freaked out. He changed his gloves every time he touched something and my mom kept a watchful eye on him. He took a toothpick and marked my belly. Of course, my hands shot up even though it didn't hurt. He was a bit shocked. "relax, go look in the mirror. Like that spot?" I nodded. He put the clamps on me and I tensed up and almost hit him with my arms again. He had to switch to a bigger clamp becuase it hurt so much.

"Put your hands at your sides and relax" I tightly gripped the edge of the table. "Ok, don't grip the table."

"But I want to grip the table"

"Well it's my table and I don't want you to grip it." He was just trying to get me to relax.

"ok" i said.

In a second, he cought me off gaurd and shoved the needle through. I almost hit him again but before I had a chance, it was over. He put the jewelry in that I had to pay $20 extra for a jewel. I kept saying to myself. "I did it, I actually did it."

"Now you need to warm some water to clean it... put blah amount of blah in it and blah blah blah..." I didn't hear a word he said. So I got home and my dad didn't even ask about it. He is so against it! It bled a little but i haven't had any since the first couple of days and not one crusty! Afterwards, my mom asked, "Is this going to be a problem with your school?" "Well," I said, "technically you're only supposed to have your ears pierced." "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!!" she was kinda pissed.

I showed all of my friends on monday morning. They were so excited. They couldn't believe I did it. I never told anyone that I was even considering it. Well, except for my best friend on the day I was getting it. I get so much attention. It's just like a part of my body now. It's not even like unnatural. NEVER LET THE BIGGEST BLABBERMOUTH IN SCHOOL SEE IT! Now EVERYONE knows. I can get in a lot of trouble if any teachers find out. But I love it. I found two other people in my grade that have it done. They're both superskinny which at first made me feel like I shouldn't have gotten it because I'm slightly fat in the legs and arms. I'm just glad that I don't have a poofy stomach. Now it doesn't bother me. To anyone who wants one, GET IT DONE! I love mine and am so glad I got the courage up to get it done.

E-Mail me with any questions. Ashley DuckysLuck@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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