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Seattle Navel

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Each time I look down at my belly button ring, I am reminded of my

Seattle trip. I live in Eastern WA, and I had never visited Seattle in my 13 years of residency. I eagerly awaited the visit, but I had to get through my parents first. I had planned on traveling over with my boyfriend and a couple of male friends, but my Mom was unsure of the driver. I made "campaign" posters and stickers declaring my friend's excellent driving skill and record. Eventually, my poor parents caved in. The trip was an excerise in firsts, I saw things I had never even imagined before, especially on Broadway =) I also decided I had to have my belly button pierced. My boyfriend's sister had mentioned that she had pierced several of her friend's bellybuttons.

I thought that sounded good enough, and asked her to do mine. If I would have known even the minimal amount of info (via the internet) that I do now, I wouldn't even think of doing something so stupid. My friend agreed to it the night before we left for home. (btw, I went with her to get her tongue pierced that trip). Anyway, I stretched out on her bed and exposed my navel. She had a bowl of ice in one hand and a straightened safety pin in the other. First, she iced up the area well. Needless to say, I was already complaining of how cold and uncomfortable the ice was. How little I knew... then she asked me if I was ready, and I said OK. She began applying pressure to the pin and had pushed it less than a millimeter through when I insisted she stop. It was unbearable. This went on for over half an hour, when it finally came through. But the worst was yet to come.

She had to bend back the safety pin which was (completely) straight. I felt so nauseous... but I survived. She told me just to wash it gently, no soap, peroxide, or alcohol. I wore the safety pin for the next week, and finally bought a thin, gold, circular earring. It was difficult to switch, the end was slightly sharp, but much more comfortable than the pin. I wore this for about 3 months. It was infected, but not abnormally so. Then I decided to switch hoops. It so happened that I was back in Seattle at the time. It was a horrible, horrible thing. Although it was only an 18 gauge, it was huge! It took nearly 30 minutes to get it through, and I was rattled by the time the bead popped in. This time I went with my friends and witnessed another tongue piercing (different girl). I was intrigued.

Everything was going fine for a while, it was healing. Then, one day, I was carrying a box filled with school size spaghetti cans around when the bottom of the box slipped down my chest and crashed on to the hoop! AAAGH! It took many months for it to recover well. During that time, I got sick, and had to have a doctor's visit. My Mom was with me, and I was stressed. Of course she had no idea about the piercing... so I took 2 neon Band-Aids and crossed them on top of my navel. It worked! She thought it was just some strange fashion quirk, like wearing safety pins. Eventually, I was able to move to a 14 gauge, sscb ring. I've had a round rainbow shape charm, a nice butterfly charm, a "hippie bell", and now a pretty cobalt blue bead above the cb, and a crescent moon below.

I am quite happy with my piercing. And I did get my tongue pierced, in Seattle with my friend at my side. I have moved up to a 10 gauge and am content. My favorite aspect is the neat shapes I can draw on ice =)-o

Btw, my friend moved up to an 8, but took hers out about a month ago. What's next? I've considered the labret ( don't want the gum damage), nipple, (Mom would freak if she saw me in a swimsuit, and have opted for the septum. The most exciting trait is the hidden option. It's extremely convenient for those weird situations, weddings, family functions, work. I've informed my parents, and am letting them get used to the idea. I've decided to wait until I am 18, (a couple months). I'm thinking of a retainer for the healing, then possibly a continuos steel ring. Thanks for listening, and a truly hope everyone gets their piercing done by a competent and safe piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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