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My at home navel piercing expierience

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May 10

It was a Monday morning and I totally didn't want to go to school.  I

walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at my 14 holes in my ear, my stud in my nose and my blue hair. I lifted up my shirt to see how my new tattoo is. I got it last week and its an the lower right side of my tummy and its a little crab for my zodiac sign. I glanced at my belly button and I got an idea. I had wanted my belly button pierced for a while but I never actually got it done.

My parents are totally against piercing and tattoos, since I'm only

15, so I could never have them take me. I got them all done in the city so I was never carded. I new I couldn't get to NYC any time soon so I took piercing into my own hands. I walked around the house for a while looking for a big safety pin. My younger cousin kept asking me what i needed a pin for so i just told her i wanted a hole in my navel and she helped me look for the pin. I found one finally and walked back into the bathroom with the needle in one hand and a blue pen in my other hand.

I lifted up my shirt and played around with the spots that i thought

would look good as i consulted with my cousin. I found the spot that i thought would look the best and marked it with the pen. I took the needle in my right hand and placed it on the top of my belly button. I started to push the needle threw which was difficult because I have long nails but it eventualy went threw the first few layers. Much to my surprise it didn't really hurt...YET! When the needle went threw the final layer of skin I saw a few stars but it wasn't horrible. It took me a while to close the pin cause of my nails but I did it. Over all it took about 30 minutes including the time it took me to find the needle.

I let my shirt drop down and I went back to my room to get dressed

for school.


was about 8:30 and my belly button was itching like hell. I showed my friend dawn and she screamed sooooo loud, "are you crazy?" I replied with no and walked away. Of course i showed all of my friends and they all had the same response.


I just got home from school and I needed to put my blue 16 gauge

circular barbell in my bellybutton. I sterilized it first and took out the safety pin. It looked kind of funny with the holes and everything. I stood in the bathroom for about 20 minutes trying to get the ring threw. It didn't want to go through the bottom hole because of the curve in it. I felt a bit of pressure as I pushed the ring threw the bottom. It bled a little but nothing major. Then came the hard part, putting the ball on the hoop. Once again with my long nails it took quite a long time. But after about 10 more minutes of sweaty hands I lined up the ball with the ring and screwed it on.

And there it was, my new piercing.  It looks so pretty, and almost

professional. Everyone else thought so too. The next day I went to NYC to my surprise. There I got my eyebrow pierced and had Jay, my piercer who does all of my piercings (tongue, nipples, nose, labret, and stretched my ear lobes) look at my bellybutton to make sure it was all right. He said it looked great and he asked me where I got it done. I replied with, oh a little place I like to call "Morgan's bathroom". He looked at me and laughed.

June 9

It's about a month later now and i just changed the ring from the

blue one to a little 16 guage barbell. i also got a tattoo around my belybutton to make it look even prettier. The tat is of a moon on the right side and it goes into stars as is goes around to the left side.

So to update my piercing list i have 21  piercings, 3 tattoos, two 0

guage mettal plugs in my ears and now powder puff pink hair

Well that concludes my piercing stories and hopefully I'll soon have

pictures to show you all. And in about five minutes I'm leaving to get my fourth tattoo, a Chinese symbol for love on the back of my left shoulder.

Wish me luck!!!

:o) Morgan


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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