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When I was 16 I had a child. As I was losing weight and returning to normal I kept thinking about doing something such as a piercing or a tatoo to show off my new and improved figure. I honestly wanted a tattoo at first and talked to a tatoo artist (my brother-in-law) about creating a tribal design for me to look at to be sure that was what I wanted.At about the same time my older brother came home for Spring break. He has many tatoos (full sleeves on both arms) and piercings (septum, nipples, tongue,tragus). He told me to look into getting a piercing and think about that instead of something permanent. SO I did.

After about 6 or 7 months of researching online and talking to a lot of people I decided to get my navel pierced. I used to call it belly button but I have since learned the correct term is navel but a lot of people don't really know what that means. I was approaching my 18th birthday and I decided to do it before my husband came back from overseas. I didn't need my parents permission since I was legally amancipated and the shop I chose didn't give me any problems. I was planning it for my birthday (August 7th, 1998) but I just couldn't wait. I ended up deciding spur of the moment on August 2 to just go and do it.

I took my sister with me and I was so pumped up to do it right then and there. As most of you probably know it doesn't always work that way. I had to wait for about 3 hours for some guy to get tatooed. It was alright though because I made some new friends. By the time that it was my turn the moved me in there so fast and I was like I'm really going to do this. I lay down in a dentists chair and it was kind of embarrasing since about 10 people were watching me from the window. I had to unbutton and fold down my pants. My shirt was short so it wasn't a problem. The piercer Gavin told me to lay down and breathe in. He said he would do it on 1 so he counted back from 5 and did it. I didn't honestly know what he was doing, not that he didn't offer to tell me but I just didn't want to freak myself out. I thought it would hurt but I didn't think it would be that bad. I had a child though with no pain medication so I knew I could handle it. I kind of flinched when he did it but that was about it. Next thing I know he's helping me stand up and giving me papers about cleaning it.

I went home in shock and soooo excited. I cleaned it every day with liquid antibacterial soap. I put neosporin on it with a q-tip 2 times a day and rinsed it with salt water also. I didn't have any problems with it at all. It pussed for awhile and then it stopped. 2 months later or so it started pussing again so I went back to my cleaning routines and was careful not to forget any times and also careful not to over clean since (as I learned) is just as bad as forgetting to clean.

I have now had my piercing for almost a year. I recently changed my jewelry. I had a standard silver ring in it and decided that it was time for a change. I went to a local store and purchased a silver bar with a clear jewel at the top. Now is the fun part!! I changed it with much suxcess and it didn't hurt at all. Using pliers to take out the ring hurt a tiny bit but I didn't do it (my brother did). Now I'm showing it off so much again!!

The coolest thing that's happened to me since I've had this piercing was only about one week ago. I was taking my parents to LAX airport for a vacation. I went through a metal detector and of course it went off. I showed the girl my new and improved navel and said well maybe it was this that set it off. She used her little wand and said yeah that was it. Can I see that? I was like yeah sure and soon there were like 8 people standing around me telling me it was cool and so different. One girl said she had a ring in her navel and that mine was so neat and asked where to get one. That was what made me realize that I don't regret it at all. I think that changing jewelry is a good idea so you don't get sick of your piercing too. When I do I can always move on to something more daring......maybe my nipples! Thank you for reading my story. Please email me BratGrl797@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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