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My belly experience

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Hey you guys!

Last Saturday (15th May 99) I went to Leicester (a city in England - yeah England...where I live) with my friends, Carla, Anna, Cath and Wizzy. Carla had decided a lonnng time ago that she was gonna have her belly button pierced that Saturday, and I was thinking about having it done, even though the idea of my parents grounding me put me off.

That Saturday, when we went into this piercing shop for Carla to have her belly button pierced, I decided there and then that I just had to get it done. I knew my parents would go absolutely mental but I really didn't think about that too much. So, I met up with Holly and Olivia (some more friends from school), who already have theirs done, and after a lot of persuasion from them, I went up to this woman at the counter and asked her if I could have my belly button pierced. She asked me a bunch of questions, such as how old am I - I knew I had to be sixteen so I lied as I'm only 13 - if I have parental permission - my answer was another big fat lie and before I knew it I was handing over the money and choosing my bar. I decided on a really cute whitish diamondy kinda jewel - it changes colours at each angle you look at it from, then after I handed over the £30 and waited my turn in the queue. I had a few cop-outs, but my friends wouldn't let me turn back. Then, I signed my name in this book thing, with a fake address, after Carla wrote hers.

Finally....Carla went up these stairs with Anna, and less than a minute later she came back, red cheeked and beaming. I asked to see it, so she showed me, it looked so pretty. The bar was a salmon pinkish colour, and her belly button was bleeding a bit.

So, then the piercer from up the stairs rang the bell....it was my turn. I couldn't believe what I was doing....but Holly led me up these stairs and kept reassuring me it didn't hurt in the slightest. I didn't know what to think though!! The man instructed me to lie on this green doctor's bed kinda thing, so I did. Then whilst he was getting some clean gloves on, I just sat there thinking "JESUS CHRIST.......WHAT AM I DOING!".

I lay there staring at the ceiling where there were loads of stickers, and as I took some deep breaths he marked where the bar was going to come out and showed me...then without warning, KABAM!

I felt it go in, and all I could feel was a massive, long sharp pain from the needle. But not more than 1 second later, the man said "I'm just screwing the barbell on...stay still for me please!". Holly was practically wetting herself at the sight of me. Apparently my face was completely drained and I sounded like I was in labour or something, but all I could concentrate on was the pain. Sorry if I'm putting you off, but I'm not gonna lie: It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life! Then, it was all done, and he gave my belly button a tissue, and said that if it bleeds a lot I'm not to worry because it's completely normal. Yeah right.

So there I was, I stood up and saw my new little companion...it looked really pretty. Then I walked downstairs and once I was outside the shop I started crying. Olivia told me that's exactly what happened to her....must have been delayed stress or summat. So, then I quickly sneaked another look at my belly button and I almost fainted when I saw the whole of my belly button smothered in blood. I was in hysterics ... hate the sight of blood. Carla's only bled a tiny bit, but soon Holly reassured me by saying that's exactly what happened to hers.

That night I did everything I was supposed to, I bathed it in strong salty water to keep it germ free and even washed it after exercise in TCP. It was a bit painful when I bent down to pick something up or when I run, and I put a melanin pad over it at night. Don't ask me why, but the man who pierced it said it would be a good idea to. Everyone at school thinks it looks lovely and next Saturday Wizzy and Gen (my other friends) are gonna have theirs done. That will make 11 people in our year who've got pierced belly buttons now.

So, it's now Tuesday May 18th and I've had my belly button pierced for three days. It's not sore anymore, I can bend down with ease but running is a bit of a hassle. It hasn't gone red and looks gorgeous! I don't regret it in the slightest. I told my mum what I'd done last night and she went mad to begin with, then wouldn't speak to me. Now she's okay and hasn't mentioned it to my dad. All hell will break loose if she does. I'm grounded for a month, but at least she thinks it looks okay.

Well, I've gotta go and get some homework done....if anyone wants to e-mail me you're more than welcome - or if you have AOL and would like a chat IM me any time :o)

Thanks for reading this, from Natascha, Rutland, England

Tishtash67@aol.com or Tasha2025@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Navel Piercing

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