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Pain beyond all Pain and The Happy Piercing

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Navel Piercing or as i refer to it "Pain beyond all Pain"

When i was 13 i got my belly button pierced, well, actually my mom decided that i should get it done, since my cousin was getting hers done. This was something i didn't really, want done, but I went along with it anyway, what I really wanted was to get my tongue pierced, but mom wasn't going for that. We went to this place near my house, that didn't have the greatest reputation, which i wasn't aware of until after i had gotten pierced. We walked in the place, my mom, my year old brother, and me. The oddest looking entourage to enter a tatoo/piercing shop. My mom signed the release forms, and this guy told me to sit in this ugly chair that was all ripped and ragged looking. He cleaned my navel and the surrounding area quickly and asked me if I wanted a ring or a barbell, I said ring. He then asked large or small? Thinking logically, I chose small, thinking that the large would have more of a chance to get caught on things, and I really didn't want a torn stomach. My mom, in the meanwhile was walking around this cramped room with my lil bro, looking at god knows what. The piercer told me ok noe I'm going to pierce you on the count of three, I then proceeded to tell him no, wait till my mom comes over, I was being a bit of a wuss at the moment. Yet, he didn't listen and began to count...1....2 oh my god, I almost cried, the guy didn't wait until three like he said. He slammed this needle so hard through my stomach, and I thought I was going to puke. My mom, finally, decided to walk over. Ewww was her response. The piercer then gave me a sheet that had cleaning instructions and all that. Then i went home. When I got in the car it was impossible to sit straight up, that's how sore I was. I had to keep my pants unbuttoned and lay down the whole ride home. And for the next three weeks I was still sore and wasn't able to wear my pants the right way. I used betadine and A&D ointment to clean my bellybutton, and always used baby soap in the shower. For the first few weeks there was the appearance of crusty stuff on the outside of the ring, which was pus, I guess, but that was gone after the initial few weeks.

Getting my belly button pierced was the most painful experience of my life, and the worst part about it all was that the piercer never showed me his autoclave or anything like that, and my mom, not being hip to all that, never asked. Luckily the piercing has healed fine, and I like it now, but if you want any advice about getting pierced always ask to see the autoclave, and if the piercer says no or doesn't have one leave immediately.

Nipple Piercing "The Happy Piercing"

I was 17, and feeling daring one night, so as me and two of my guy friends drove around I decided, out of sheer boredom, to get something pierced, and what better to pierce than my nipple? We stopped at a local tatoo place and I inquired as to the price of a nipple piercing, 50 bucks was the reply. Not wanting to lose my nerve I ran to the car and got my money and gave it to the nice man behind the counter and showed him my ID (fake of course). He then told me it would be a couple minutes, so I sat down and tried to be calm, but inside I was shaking like hell. My friends kept telling me girl, you are crazy, you are gonna cry and all that. And i, quite honestly agreed with them. The piercer then came up and asked if I was ready. I said no, but hell let's do this anyway.

We then entered this little white room, it was really cold in there, I asked if my friends could come in and hold my hand, but he said no for sanitary purposes, cool, I liked this guy already. He was looking out for my safety, or maybe he just wanted to see my tits alone. He then put on gloves and pulled out all of the piercing equipment. I could clearly see the autoclave across the room, I felt better already, cleanliness is key. He then proceeded to tell me what each piece of equipment was, I don't remember now, but you get the idea that he was a very informative person. Then he told me to take my shirt and bra off, while he changed his gloves. I lay back on this black leather chair, and he put dots on my left nipple (my choice, i figured since I am right handed, it wouldn't be jiggled around as much) and asked me to see if they looked ok, after he checked them about a million times. Then he changed his gloves again, and pierced me. This piercing was so not painful, there was a burning sensation, which the piercer had warned me of, for about a minute, then nothing. The piercer then told me he was going to put the jewelry in, cool, I can handle this, and I was right. It was not painful at all, there was a slight pressure as he put the ball in the ring, but that was about all. Then I sat up, and he warned me not to wear a bra for a litlle while, because some people had experienced some unpleasant feeling from a bra. He told me to sit for a minute, and catch my breath, while he told me how to clean it and showed me that he was throwing away all of the needles and everything in this hazardous waste bucket, like the ones you see at a hospital.

I walked out of the room, my friends not seeing me crying assumed I hadn't gotten it done, until I showed them. The piercer gave me a sheet of instructions before I left, and told me to enjoy my piercing. That night driving around the only pain I experienced was the resurgence of that burning sensation for a total of maybe ten seconds every hour, but that was all. The next day I had no pain at all.

I then decided to get the right nipple pierced a few weeks later, it looked uneven only having one done. This was even less pain, since I was basically prepared for it.

I'd definitely suggest getting these piercings to anybody, they are easy to hide and to show. I had to hide them from my mom, my dad on the other hand thinks it's the coolest thing that his daughter has enough balls to get her nipples pierced (he's a cool guy with like 28 tatoos, so he's very accepting of what i do). Nipple piercings are the coolest, they enhance sensation in your nipples so much, if you just walk around without a bra on it's exciting, and they are the most fun to show off, and all my guy friends think it's the coolest thing they've ever seen (of course).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Navel Piercing

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