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The Story (thus far) of Maybelline's Navel Piercing

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Well, I had been wanting to get my navel pierced for years, unfortunately I never even really heard of body piercing (other than the ears) until it was really mainstream but that's ok because when I did find out about it I thought it was pretty cool & wanted to get something done. My original idea was to get my navel done, but I heard so many horror stories about navels always getting infected that I spoke with the only piercer in my area (Billy at Professional Touch in Van Wert, Ohio) about tongue piercings & he assured me that tongues hardly ever get infected if you take good care of them, & that they don't hurt, so that's what I ended up getting done. (I already sent that story in a few months ago.)

My tongue has been pierced since Thanksgiving weekend, & healed without a hitch, & I had pierced my own ears 4 times many years ago, without a hitch either, so I figured, what the heck, I don't seem to be one of those unfortunate people who get infected with every little hole they get poked in their bodies, in fact I seem to heal fairly well, so I decided last week to get my navel done as well! There is a new tattoo & piercing shop nearby, (TNT TATTOO in Van Wert, Ohio) & I'd talked to a couple of people who got tattoos there & they absolutely raved about how reasonable their prices are & about the excellent quality of their work, so I thought I would give them a call to discuss navel piercings with them. I called & asked the general questions about pricing, sterlization procedures, etc, & ended up talking to the guy for nearly an hour about all sorts of things like the different qualities of inks for tatts, & body jewellry & whatnot. He was really really nice & I planned on going over during the weekend & MAYBE getting it done, but on my way to work I just made a left turn & was on my way!

I went in & as they had just opened, I was the only one in there besides the dude that owns the place, & I told him I was the one that had jabbered on the phone for damn near an hour, & explained that I couldn't wait till the weekend to get it done so I called off of work for half a night! He kinda laughed about that & began showing me all the jewellry they have for navels. I had told him on the phone that I have a dolphin tatt on my ankle & am really into dolphins & he showed me this one navel ring, it was a CBR with a dolphin charm hanging from it & said he knew I would love it, which I did, but then he explained sadly that I couldn't have it until my piercing was healed because it would be too heavy for a fresh piercing. I thought it was really cool that he didn't just try to make a quick buck by selling me the thing anyways, there are too many places out there that just care about the money & not about the customer! He asked me if I was nervous & I said no because I already had my tongue done & it was nothing, & then I told him about a few months ago when I had pierced my navel myself but then had to take it out because it was slightly crooked & I wanted it to be perfect when I got it done. He couldn't believe I did that, & asked me all sorts of questions about how I did it, & did it get infected & such. I mean, he was actually taking the time to TALK with me & I was very impressed about that also, because I've been to some places with friends & they're like, ok, pay the money, get in the chair, get your shit done & get out!

So we went in the back & he got his equipment all set up, everything was all sterile, which he had told me about their sterilization procedures on the phone so I was real comfortable with it. Then he asked to see my navel & I said ok & pulled my shirt up just a tad & asked him if I needed to unbutton my jeans & he said, "Nah, I'm not one of those Horndog Piercers!" & that got me to laughing for a few minutes...then after checkin out my bellybutton he got the clamps out & explained that this was probably the most uncomfortable I would feel, when he put the clamp on that is. Well, I am really on the slim side I guess & lying down flat he couldn't get enough skin pinched in between the clamps! So he had me sit up & put them on that way & told me to lie back down, & when I did some of the skin ripped out of the clamp! And that kinda hurt but he looked at it & said he thought it would be ok to pierce. Then he got the needle & asked if I was ready (sometime in there he cleaned my navel off with some stuff too but I can't remember exactly when it was), & I said yes but just do it quick, because by then I WAS a little scared since it was a spur of the moment thing & I didn't have any of my friends with me for moral support! And he goes, "Oh it'll be quick!" & then I felt the needle stick me, & it seemed he had to shove kinda hard to get it through, which I attributed to scar tissue from when I did it myself that time. To be honest it did hurt, not anything excruciating by any means, but since my tongue didn't hurt I guess I wasn't expecting any pain with this either. So I just sucked in my breath & held it until he said he was just about done bending the ring & putting the ball on. By that time it didn't hurt anymore, it was just the needle that hurt. He said it was kind of a shallow piercing because I didn't have much flesh there but that if it rejected he would pierce it on the bottom for free, then he helped me up off the table & told me where there was a mirror I could look in, so I went & checked it out, then he asked to see how it looked standin up so of course I wanted to show it off, & he said it looks good on my nice flat stomach! hehe! I was already excited that I got it done but of course that REALLY made me feel proud!

Well, I ended up talking with him awhile longer & then his wife & some friends came in & they started talking so I read over my aftercare sheet before I left, & then I got to looking at some tattoos on the wall & I ended up staying & getting another tattoo as well! I won't go into that since this is the piercing section, but I just want to say that anybody in the Van Wert, Ohio area interested in getting piercings or tatts should DEFINATELY check out TNT TATTOOS, because aside from everything I've already said, this particular tatt was on my lower back & was VERY painful & he was so nice & patient, even putting on this stuff that somewhat dulls the pain! And he would stop every few minutes to make sure I was alright. So check him out everybody.

Anyway, to conclude my story, I've now had the navel piercing for 4 days & I came back to BME to check out others' accounts of theirs, & to compare aftercare & stuff, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get infected or anything! If anybody has any input on ways to prevent it that aren't common knowledge please email me, or if you have any questions or comments!

Melissa maybelline@angelfire.com Melissa Claypool


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Navel Piercing

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