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Rose's Piercing

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I am 14 years old (15 in a few weeks). A few days ago (after a half a year of begging) I finally got my navel pierced.

My story starts last October '98 when I joined the swim team. There was a girl who had her nose pierced (she did it herself) and a few tattoos (a friend did for her). From what I remember this was what had started my obsession with piercings.

After weeks and months of begging and bargaining my mom finally gave in and said fine. But I knew my mom wouldn't just up and let me get a piercing; there had to be a catch. And I was right; there was. I had to wear my [damn] retainer for one month. And as you can tell by the curse word, I hate my retainer. It's this big ugly plastic-rubber thing and I can't talk with it in so, fortunately, I only had to wear it at night. So I got right on the internet and looked up piercings and found everything and every scrap of info I could find. But I had seem to [somehow] forget about the retainer, which I wore a total of, what, two times.

So for about four or five months I just gave it up. Then after about the 5th or 6th month (and a failing attempt to pierce my own nose) I realized I could still use the retainer deal with my mom. And I still really wanted a hole somewhere in my body. I am not sure, but most girls my age get them for what others will think but I don't give a damn. I wanted another hole (besides my ears) to put jewelry in so I could look as beautiful as the pictures online.

So I got back on the internet to look for more info. I swear I have a book full of about 150 pages of piercing (and some tattooing) info and personal experiences.

And this time I actually stuck to wearing the [damn] retainer. But to be honest the hard part wasn't the retainer, but figuring out where to put the hole in my body. Also what would go in the hole (jewelry wise). I went from navel to eyebrow, to tongue, to nose and back and fourth finally landing on navel.

The day before the piercing, when my bro wanted to go to the comic book store, I figured it'd be a good time to check out the piercing shop. I was even ready to get it pierced that day (though I was running a race the next day I was going to see if the piercer suggested til after the race).

Wonderland Tattoo; where my mother got pierced. I had my aunt with me begging her to get pierced too. Though she ended on no I was getting more and more confident. That is until we pulled into the drive way. The outer lime green, brick walls and neon signs intimidated me (I am very shy and easily intimidated). The place was crawling with teen girls and mom's waiting for there daughters to get tattooed or pierced. We were tended to very quickly and I began to ask tons of questions and then mentioned that I'd be running the next day. He said it best if I wait. Whew! For a minute there I thought I was getting pierced hehe.

So the next day after some good sleep, the rest, and a good lunch in me, my s-dad went to get some money from the bank and when he came back my mom, bro, nana, and s-dad were driven once again to Wonderland Tattoos. When we got there, there was about 3 or four guys working. 2 of them doing tattoos. After about 10 or 15 minutes we were helped. And since I was sitting by the jewelry case, that gave me plenty of time to see the think needle that was minutes away from going through my navel.

After I filled out the form and stuff the place was packed and before the guy could pierce me, there was a ton of questions he had to answer (great...more time to look at that needle). Then he took me in the piercing room which is nothing like others experiences, but I think I was less nervous in this cozy room then in the hospital white doctor's office rooms of others experiences. He had me stand up and asked my age. 14 was the answer and he had my Nana get my mom (outside in the lobby), which worked out for nana who didn't really even want to see the piercing. He explained that I was young and (though he'd still pierce me) most girls my age do not clean there piercings well and he does not want to be responsible if I get infected. My mom explained to him that I was mature for my age and he went ahead with it.

So now for the actual piercing. He told me to stand and looked at my navel. He said it was pretty shallow but still piercable. So he got the clamp on (with a rubber band) and had me hold onto it while I laid down then he told me to be real still and I felt a pinch and that was it. I didn't even feel the jewelry go in cause I was so surprised at how painless it was. And as for after pain, it itched for one minute and for the rest of the day was fine...until the first cleaning. The man warned me it might sting for the first cleaning and boy did it. VERY tender. But it was at night so I slept through most of the pain. And in the morning it didn't hurt. I am still a little paranoid about bending over too far so I squat to pick things up.

Now I have planned a tongue for my next piercing and though I am young I might get a few other piercings. I also have this killer idea for a tattoo that I am still iffy about getting (also in the way distant future). A twisty vine of rose's (since I am Rose) from my thigh to my ankle and at the bottom "Rose" in pretty cursive.

As for you who wish to be pierced do it. But make sure it's something you really want. Though it's not as permanent as a tattoo; it is a lot of commitment and responsibility. And e-mail me with any questions. I love e-mail!

Rose @---}--- slrose14@hotmail.com

PS I'd like to thank my friends, family, and especially mother for putting up with nothing but piercing talk for 4 weeks!


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on: 15 May 1999
in Navel Piercing

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