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Finally! My anxiously awaited navel pierce!

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I went up to my mom and asked her if i could get it done. She said "Ok!" I had previously pierced my navel with a safety pin and when she said yes, I was like "damn! I did that for nothing!" So I let that scar over and called a few places. I found a good place with a good reputation that did it for $40. So I discussed it with my friends, and finally went to get it done.The day I had planned to go, I had to postpone. I had got food poisoning and I didn't want to barf all over the piercer in fear of him dulling the needle to make it hurt more. lol.

I heard of that from a piercer from this site, actually. So I was ready to go the next week instead. But I went today. I was shaking really badly as we went there, and finally I went into the room. I have to point one thing out: They didn't ask for my moms ID, or even get her to sign anything! I shurgged it off in my nervousness. Then a really nice guy walked out and told me to come in. I had my friend Alyssa with me, and I nervously walked in.

Everyone says that is the hardest part of all, just getting in there. Sure was! I looked over to the table, and saw some instruments of pain. A needle. A ring. A pair of pliers. I don't know what the one thing was. And some clamps. A bottle of alcohol and some gooey brown stuff. I thought "eeep" at this point. I stood there and pulled my shirt up a bit, and marked each part. Then he wiped it with alcohol, idodine, and then alcohol again. I was shaking SO bad by this point. He then clamped it and said it would be the most painful part of all. He lied though! I still had time to run away, as my friend Alyssa said. I laughed too much out of nervousness and looked again at the instruments of pain. I shakingly walked over to the dentist like chair. I caught a glance of the needle, long and hollow. And thick too. I was shaking even worse. I thought "oh my gosh this is gonna HURT bad!" I lay down and started to breath and he shoved it through. I felt a sharp stabbing pain, and I gasped and my friend Alyssa laughed at me. I was thinking "oh man if it hurts like that bottom going to hurt?" I was suprised! That was all! He walked over and got the ring. That part took longest, and I didn't feel anything.

Then he explained what to do (actually he was while he did it) and put Saran wrap over it so my jeans don't rub! When I got home I took the wrap off (he said after an hour) And it feels fine. All I felt after that was the saran wrap and tape moving on my stomach. The most painful part was when he shoved the needle through, it lasted 1/2 a second and I have a LOW pain tolerance, I am a total wuss. It hurt less than getting my earlobes gunned and that didn't hurt much. It didn't hurt much, or bleed at all. After he was done he alcohol on it, and that stung for a second. When I went to the car my mom nearly fainted thinking about it. I was still shaking when I got up and paid him, and left.

I should of caught his name. But I went to Heads. And they used a 14ga captive bead ring.

It looks really cool. And the second of pain was well worth it! Hours after I did it I felt nothing. I was wearing jeans with a really low hip. It didn't rub, anything! I sure felt it when I tried to roll over on my side that night. I've been cleaning it out by putting alcohol on it, and then polysporon on the top, and bottom. Plus the salt in the glass and holding it there. There is a bit of redness on the top and bottom, thats from my jeans, and there is a teensy bruise from a clamp. The next day at school everyone asked me about it. It was cool. I got a lot of "ouch! you're stronger than me!"'s but that was it. Today is the second day I've had it in. I looks fine. It is a bit red, and the bruise is almost gone. It hasn't pussed, or anything, like the piercer said it would. I'm planning my next piercing. I might go back and get a cartilage pierce, or my eyebrow. I just have to talk my boyfriend into it.

I've planned all my piercings! Actually, I want 3 in each ear, a cartilage in my left, and my left eyebrow. Ever since the day I got it I've wanted another piercing! I'm hooked onto the piercing bug. If you want to chat about it, send me an email, my address is sandra@stormz.com. If you want a navel ring! Go for it! Don't do it yourself though. It leaves ugly scars. Just look for a nice place, and take care of it. It makes me feel so good about myself when I look at it and my friends say its cute. And it gives you a HUGE rush!

San http://stormz.com


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on: 01 May 1999
in Navel Piercing

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