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A British Piercing Experience

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I've always had this fasination with piercings, but my folks would

never agree to it if i asked. I had asked on a couple of occasions, and i have the really stubborn parents who just will not listen. So, last summer when i went to UK & Ireland for 3 weeks, i decided i would do it. I wasn't sure what yet, but i was going to get a piercing.

For me, this was a big step. Past the fasination with them, i'm

scared to death of needles. I've been kicked out of a hospital for punching the nurse as she attempted to draw blood. So the friends i had made on the trip and myself were constantly trying to find a place for me to get pierced, and debating what should be pierced. And with the kind of trip I was on, i had to be careful to keep this all lowkey. Getting pierced, tattooed, consuming alcohol, etc, were forbidden on the trip and if caught i would be sent home at my expense.

Well we finally stopped in a small city called Norwich, England. I

was "living" with a family for 4 days who were extremly cool. One day two of the girls i was staying with (15 and 17years of age), the guy i had "hooked up" with on the trip, and myself were walking around their town. Casey (the guy i was with) and I were on a mission to find blue hair dye for the last day of the trip and a piercing shop. We were finally directed to a piercing shop, the only one in town. They said they were booked for the day and since it was Saturday, asked if we would like to come back Monday. We explained our situation and how we were leaving for Wales Sunday night, and we needed it done today. One of the guys said that if we came back at closing (5pm) he would do us then.

So we waited the four hours (it was only 1pm then) and walked around.

Casey decided he would get his ear pierced~ visable, but he could convince the adults on the trip he had already had one and they just never noticed. I decided upon a navel piercing~ simple, and easy to hide. We skipped up and down the streets holding hands singing "We're dumb Americans and we're gonna get pierced..." and making up lyrics. The two English girls i was living with attempted to pretend they didnt know us, which was very funny.

Finally, it was time. 5pm had rolled around and we found our way back

to the shop. Only two guys were still there and one was on the way out. I talked with the one who was just leaving, he had a PA and we were discussing if it had hurt when he did it, etc. If Casey hadn't of been there i might have asked to see it.

 A sign on the wall read "All Piercee's Must Be Of At Least 16 Years

Of Age." I was only 14 years old (15 in a few months) and i got worried. He first asked Casey for ID, and Casey had his passport with him showing he was almost 18. The piercer asked me for ID but i told him i didnt have my passport with me. He kind of shrugged, i guess since he could tell i was "with" Casey he assumed we would be about the same age.

He had us fill out these little half page information sheets about

our selves, asking the basics such as name, age, etc. I sat there and counted back on my fingers, 1983, 82, 81, to figure out what year i would of been born to be 16. Either the guy didnt notice or care.

Then he told us to come in this little white room, and my two English

friends stayed on the bench. They could see in the room though so i had eye contact with them at all times. Casey asked the normal questions such as "do you steralize all your stuff?" do make sure it was a clean place. The guy showed us the gloves and the needles all individually wrapped. At that point i realize i had Mr. K, my stuffed animal i sleep with every night since i was 3, with me and i went and got him out of my backpack. Casey and I explained the trip we were on, and how getting piercings wasn't allowed. The guy laughed and then got down to buisness.

Who wanted to go first? After a little hesitation, I decided i would

like to go first, get it over with so i spoke up. I lifted up my shirt when he instructed and he took out a pen/marker and marked where the hole would be and asked if i was satisfied. It was perfect, so i nodded. He then told me to hop up onto the table and lay down. I did so, with the wall on my right and the piercer and Casey on my left. I firmly gripped Mr. K (stuffed animal) in my right hand, kind of hugging him with an arm lock motion. Casey then asked if i would like to hold his hand, and i of course agreed. I told him i would try not to break it.

The piercer put on a fresh pair of gloves from the box and got out

the steralizing stuff. He put it on my belly, which felt cold and wet. It turned my belly an odd colour of brown, and i guess i looked worried, because he sad "dont worry, it'll wash off easily." Then he got out the needle. I remember looking at it all wide-eyed and Casey patting me on the shoulder telling me it would be ok. From then all i remember is the piercer clamped my belly, and then told me to breathe in and when breathing out to count to 5. "1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand," i counted, and by the time i was done, it was all in. I hadnt even felt a thing! Then he finished cleaning it and what not, and i hadn't bleed at all! Then it was Casey's turn. I guess Casey expected the normal quick mall gun to pierce his ear, for when another new needle came out his eyes got huge! I sat with him tho and held his hand and even let him hold Mr. K. He flinched a little, and i think it might of hurt more than mine. We then got our picture taken with the piercer, stood around and talked for a bit. He gave us sheets that said how to take care of the piercing. The sheet didnt say much except to use the salt water cleaning. The English have very loose ways of handeling the cleaning of piercings, and i wouldn't suggest it.

Each morning and night Casey and myself made sure to clean our

piercings no matter where we were. I couldn't sleep on my stomach for the rest of the trip (another 2 weeks) and didnt even try for a while when i got home. In Ireland everyone went swimming, but for fear the chlorine would hurt the piercing and that the adults would notice it, i couldnt attend that activity. I've been back home in the States for 9 months now and my parents still dont know about it. Majority of my friends do, but it is mainly my little suvenior from those three weeks spent abroad. Casey lives a state over and I havent seen him since the trip, but we still talk on the telephone and send letters. We have the same rings in our piercings, and whenever im in class and think of him or something all i have to do is slightly rub my stomach over my clothes to feel the ring. It is a great reminder of a summer well spent.

Tara email- skater_ya_poopoo@yahoo.com or talk to me, on skaterya for AOL IM


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on: 01 May 1999
in Navel Piercing

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