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Male Navel Piercing Experience

I am a 22 year old college student who became interested in the art of body piercing. I was searching on the Internet when I found BME. BME gave me all of the information that I would need. I wanted to be different so I decided to get my navel pierced.

My girlfriend already had her navel pierced and said she would take me to get

it done. I decided to get a 12 gauge black nobium hoop. I went into the back room waiting to experience the worst pain of my life. I became more nervous as the preparations took place. I began to tense every muscle in my body as the needle was about to go through. As the needle was pushed through some resistance had occurred. I was told that my skin was very tan and was harder to get the needle trough. I felt the pressure as he pushed the needle harder. Then after a few seconds of pain it was done. The needle was through and the jewelry was placed in the hole. The black ring looked good against my tan body. The pain went away for a moment until I went to sit down. Then It started to burn.

Upon my arrival to the front of the room where my girlfriend was waiting she

told me that she decided to go her nipple pierced. We then both returned to the back room and she got her nipple pierced. I thought there would be blood but there wasn’t a drop. It just made a popping noise when the needle was pushed through. She now had a purple hoop in her nipple. I thought it looked great.

The pain that I had gotten worst.  I could not sleep on my stomach or sit

very well. The next day I woke up to dried blood on myself and on my bed sheets. I only told a few people. I was not sure how they would react. Most were OK with but others were not. My biggest problem was my parents. They are very conservative. I decided to keep it hidden as long as possible from them. So far they have no idea that I have it.

It was about six months into the healing and it was feeling good now. I did

not hurt anymore but it would still not move freely unless it was wet. I decided to change my piercing to a circular barbell. I went on the Internet in search of information and pictures of other piercings. I found many places that were selling body jewelry. I ordered my new jewelry and had it in a few days. I put the new piercing in myself. I wet the old one with water to make it move freely and took it out. The new circular barbell slid right in. I was now very pleased with the look of my new body jewelry.

I am now planning on going to get my left nipple pierced.  I also am having

thoughts on getting a prince albert. But I think I will get my nipple done first and then proceed to other sites.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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