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My BeLLy BuTTon RiNg

always wanted to get my tongue pierced, since I was about 11. My mom said no way. She thought it was gross and she said maybe when I'm a little older. I'm 14 now and my mom still said no to the tongue ring. She agreed to let me get my navel pierced after asking her a thousand times. So my whole family went (* sigh * they all HAD to come) I went to a little hippie store in St.Louis which is about 30 minutes away from where I live. The store was really cool and everyone there was extremely nice. When I got there the guy showed me the ring he could use, or I could use a barbell. I used the ring and I picked out a dark red bead. It cost 50 bucks but it was worth it. I know that it is usually about 30 bucks but the place was highly recommended and I didn't want to take chances with a bad place just to spend less money.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, I went into the little room. It was small

but clean. The guy was the nicest. My mom and stepdad went in with me. The piercer explained so much aftercare information like how to clean it and take care of it. (it took sooo long to go through all of the procedures) Me and my mom signed the papers and forms. He showed me and my mom all of the tools to ensure they were all clean and unused. After the guy marked my belly button with a little felt marker thingy I looked the other way so that I didn't have to watch. I told him that I didn't want to see the needle. He laughed and told me to not look. My mom held my hand and I looked in the other direction.

The guy then leaned my chair backwards into a little table bed thing. He put

a silver clamp on my bellybutton, it made me jump because I was so nervous. He told me that the worst part of the whole thing was waiting to get it done because you're expecting terrible pain. He said it wouldn't be too painful but that everyone has a different tolerance for pain. After he put the clamp on he poked the needle through. I could feel it go through a lot of skin and that was the only thing that really bothered me. It felt weird but gave me sort of an adrenaline rush. Right after my piercing my sister got her tongue pierced. I was so jealous but she's 19 so she could do it without permission.

    It wasn't that bad!! He had to go under old scar tissue (I had pierced it

before myself with a safety pin. DO NOT EVER DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!!! I totally regret it, it left ugly scars) The guy put the ring in my belly-button and fastened in the red ball. He cleaned it for the second time and put sterile cloth over it. He told me to take deep breaths so that I owuldn't feel faint. He told me to slowly stand up and look in a mirror. As soon as I saw it , I loved it and even my mom thought it was cute.My stepdad rolled his eyes at it. I have had it done for about 2 1/2weeks now and I have no regrets. It sort of moved a little to the right of my navel. But the piercer said that it was normal as long as it wasn't moving up or all over the place. It's still a little red and it's a lot of work to take care of. (I clean it twice a day with Dial Soap and a certain medicine the piercer told me to use) The only problems that really bothered me was that it was hard to wear jeans because they would go up and rub against my belly button if I sat down. I had to go out and buy drawstring pants. It was also hard to do my daily situps for the first week or so, but now I can. Everyone likes it a lot and all of my friends want one (their parents won't allow it though) I even showed my favorite teacher at school (i found out she has one too, that was kind of strange) At first I was afraid that It was too trendy and too Fiona Apple-ish (she shows it in all of her videos). But It all depends on how you dress and stuff. I love it alot and I think anyone should do it even if you don't have the perfect stomach just because it's so cute. I'm going to Florida in a couple of months and I can't wait to wear a two-piece and show it off. If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me ... I'll e-mail you back ....

[email protected]

LoVe JacKie


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Navel Piercing

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