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~* PiErCiNg @ AuRoBoRoS *~

k ... so thinking about what I should do on a Friday night that I usually don't do. And I've been thinking about getting a new piercing for sometime now..
( I have 10 piercings All of which are on my ear . 3 on each cartilage and 2 on each lobe) all we're done with a gun, so it's time for something different! Maybe my tongue =Þ or my belly.. hmm.. tough choice, but before I jump into something I don't know anything about .. I better do some research on the good and bad stuff ehh.. cos .. I don't want an infection or have like scars or anything like that......

(Later that day) I've decided MY BELLY!!!! :)

Ok so after skool I rush home to change and call up two friends and then go downtown (Toronto) with me. My best friend decided to get her tongue pierced, since I was getting my navel done !!! We were on Queen Street but that piercing place there just didn't really seem like our kinda place (needed id to prove that we were 16 for navels and that sorta thing... and well... me got no id on me that day..). So we headed to Yonge and went to several places, needless to say one place had people who were VERY RUDE !!! they were so mean !!! they gave us angry stares when we asked questions and made us feel very uncomfortable.. and hey .. if you're paying for something to be done you should get treated right. :) Like those stores who just think that they're too good for you, that kinda snub you off and think that you can't afford to pay for it.

(We Went to explore some more places)

So walking around for a while we see a sign saying that said they did piercings of all sorts, and we said lets give it a try. So we walked up the creaky stairs to the piercing place. Here was another sign.. " All piercings done by Lillth" ok.. open the door and there was another set of stairs........

When we were finally upstairs there was incense burning and the place looked really interesting, (This place is called AUROBOROS) There we were greated with a totally pierced dude, who works there, asked a few questions... and a few minutes later we both fill out forms and such, he sends my best friend down to buy some freezes. (Helps numb the tongue—which did help my best friend lots) once Lillth was ready she sends us into the room, she has her gloves on and puts those clamp thingies onto her tongue and in a few seconds its over, Lillth then quickly puts in the barbell now my best friend has her TONGUE RING !!! The first thing she said was " IT DIDN'T HURT !!! IT DIDN'tT HURT !!." and jumped around happily :) She then sends us back out as she autoclaves the stuff, she lets us back into the room. IT'S MY TURN!!!! "Do you feel any thing?" I asked as she swabbed my navel ~ hehe ~ that tickles(I'm extremely ticklish!!!) laughingly she answered "no I don't feel a thing but you might " any how she asks my friends to close the door. Then she asked me to remove my shirt .. AHH !!! was she kidding ???? (I get so shy just changing in the girls locker room) and she asks me to take my shirt off!!!! Scuse me ???? she assured me that no one would see but my shirt was really big on me .. so it'd fall over my tummy.

~ DoH !!!!~ so .. I take my shirt off (good thing I decided to wear one of those work out bra tank top thing : ) so it isn't to bad, just at that moment someone whistled from the out side. AHH !!! major embarrassment and paranoia but it also broke the tension and she said don't worry that was just a coincidence, she marks a spot and puts those clamps on my tummy hehehe .. must have been a funny sight having that clamp dangle off of me so she tells me to get up onto the table (I don't remember what it is called, but they have them at doctors offices too for patients to have a check up on) any how she goes ok .. and PiNg it didn't really feel like anything at all just a slight pinch or when I needles in my arms but this time on my tummy..she pierced ME!!!!! . .and put the CBR :) after we paid, we chatted with some girl who was getting her navel done too...then left (oh .. and about the after care of the piercing , we went thru the after care before we got our piercings.) For the first two weeks I just felt a slight pinch on my tummy .. and then it's all good !!!! So if you wanna get pierced go for it cos it's all over with in a second...:)

   ~* LiZ *~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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