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have never really thought about getting anything other than my earlobes pierced until funnily enough I went to a private school! I had just started high school and met a girl with a navel piercing- Nina, she was nice but I didn't really give the piercing a second thought until we became friends a few months later. I saw it again ( in better detail) I thought that her piercing was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!! She had a curved barbell with a amethyst in it, this is what started a 7 month plus " whingeing, nagging and begging" ritual which went in 3 main sections in which I would try to convince my parents to let me get my belly button done until they would stop talking to me. For me it was third time lucky..... I asked for the last time weather I could get my belly button done. My Dad who had never really cared either way but had been convinced by my mum not to let me get it done, was sick of my nagging and told me if I could get my mother to let me get it done I could have it. So my mum was in the process of being defeated and I finally won!!!!!

I should say this now, a few months earlier I had gotten sick of being told no ( this was the first section of trying to get my parents to let me get it done) and Nina and I arranged to do I ourselves. She bought a Sterling silver sleeper with her ( didn't have the net yet so didn't know you can't use silver or ear jewellery in a navel piercing) we went to the hardware and bought some metho ( I used this when I have my ear done so didn't know any better) we used a sewing needle and sterilise everything with the metho then got some ice and numbed it I stuck the needle in. I didn't feel anything when it first went in, but after an hour and a half the needle was only still ONLY half way though, Nina kept dashing in and out of my room to the kitchen for ice ( I don't wanna know what my parents though of Nina after that!!!) Anyway I was in tears because I couldn't get the ring in and so I pulled it out and swore quite a bit. I am really thankful now that I didn't pierce it myself and anyone who reads this thinking of doing it themselves should try and work on their parents a bit longer or at least get the right equipment and advice. OKAY................ now that I have that bit down I can get on with the actual experience!!!

I found my piecing place in the yellow pages then realised it was the same one in BME ( "Pierced and proud at deka") It wasn't as close as a few others but it was heath dep. approved so I thought that's my place!!! I called a few places for the general price then gave them a ring, the woman was really nice and I called back a few days later to make an appointment, she told me she couldn't guarantee I would be able to get it pierced ( cause of my age) and that the head piercer would have to check me out first. A week later on a Saturday morning I was standing in a very cool looking place with posters and jewellery of every kind imaginable. The reception woman who had answered the phone gave us ( My Dad and I) the low down on what I had to know, she gave me some time to think it over and then I thought " Yeah!!! What the hell... get it done, I've got this far!" So I chose a curved bar bell with a blue gem in it, and was lead into the small room with just a curtain between the shop and the chair. I told her I didn't want to see the needle and she marked my navel out and showed me so I was happy with the placing. I took some deep breaths and lay down on the chair. My Dad told me after that the needle was HUGE!!!! And that he thought I was gonna punch the woman who was sticking it in to me ( I was pierced by Debbie, a forty-ish woman who was very no- nonsense) It actually hurt quite a bit but was worth the pain!!! Oh and the clamps don't hurt at all! It cost $30 for the actual piercing plus the cost of the jewellery, the CBB cost $30.

It has been almost 4 months now and I LURVVVVVVVV my piercing very much. I got another CBB for Christmas from some friends of my parents and I bought myself a CBR which I inserted myself a week ago but couldn't get the ball on so had to put my old one back in. I had a fight with the group I used to hang around, so Nina didn't know I had convinced my parents and got it done. I showed her a few weeks after getting it done and she was SOOOOOO surprise and we are all no so upset at each other any more. So for me getting my navel done was not just body decoration.

If you have any questions or wanna chat my E-mail is: [email protected]

Hannah Stirling


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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