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My BeLLy StoRy

have been wanting to get my belly button pierced for about 4 years (im 17), since a girl in my 8th grade class got hers done. from that day, i started begging and begging my mom to let me do it. of course, i always got the answer "NO WAY...ARE U CRAZY?!?!"

then, finally, in june of 98, i started begging my mom again, and it was a few months before my birthday, so i figured, hey it doesnt hurt to try to beg again. i ask her, and she was like "FINE, im only doing this so u would stop bugging me already!" i recommend that method of getting what u want....

so i started looking for studios in my area, and then i remembered there was a place at the shitty mall next to my school where they do it. the place was accesories2000. it was the last day of school, and my mom was picking me up, so i was like, "lets go check out the mall" so we went. then i see the accesories 2000, and we went in, the piercer seemed very nice and explained everyhting. the piercing and jewelry together would cost $45. i figured thats not bad, and was like, MOM I WANNA DO IT! she didnt think that i was gonna get it then, but she was like, OK, go ahead. i picked out a 12g curved barbell with a light blue jewel in it.

the piercer took me into a tiny room in the back, and explained the cleaning instructions to me, and marked the spot where he was going to pierce. that was the time that my heart started racing! so i ask him, to reassure myself, "HOW BAD DOES THIS HURT!?!?" he looked at my ears, and noticed i had my cartilage pierced, so he answered, "it hurts as much as that." i was like ok, thats not bad at all, and eased up a bit. then he told me to lay down on the thing which still terrorizes me to this day...IT LOOKS LIKE AN OPERATING TABLE! then he was like, ok, 3-2-1 im going in! (at that time, i had no idea that HE WAS NOT USING CLAMPS!!!) i ws like, SHIT, THIS HURTS LIKE A BITCH!!! every 2 seconds i was like "are u done? are u done? are u done YET!!?" finally, after what seems like, ages, he answered "YES." i got up and noticed howlovely it was, and thought to myself that this pain is all worth it. my mommy paid & we left. the whole ride home, she was like "i cant believe this!!"

u think everythng is great, right? WRONG!! about 4 months later, i noticed that the piercing was MIGRATING!! i was sooo disappointed. i went to that piercer, and was lie "does it look ok?" of course, he answered,"IT LOOKS GREAT!" then i decided to go to a deifferent piercer and find out their opinion. they were like, "honey, it wasnt pierced deep enough" i replied, "NOT DEEP ENOUGH, I FELT LIKE THE NEEDLE ALMOST REACHED MY LIVER!!!!!!" well, needless to say, I TOOK IT OUT. i went back on december 2nd, to a DIFFERENT real studio, here in miami, fl called ART ATTACK- MERLIN'S TaTOO. i went in the piercer was great. he explained to me that i should do it over bla bla bla bla. so i agreed, i mean, if i did it once, i can do it again! so i picked out my jewelry, the piercer said it was bad to have it pierced w/ a barbell...so i picke out a 12g captive bead rin, went to the back, got marked, and laid down on the "operating table." i was REALLLLLY nervous, cuz i thought it was going to hurt as much as the 1st time. WRONG! this piercer, named Donny, used clamps! the piercing lasted about 15 seconds, not any more. i got up, and was once again, in love with my piercing! he, again explained the cleaning instructions and told me to use bactine, which works great!

now its been about 3 weeks since my piere, and im doing great!! i still have crusties, and the area is red and pealing, which is getting me mad, but it will look awesome when done healing, and when i put the barbell back in!

well, i RECCOMEND NOT GETTING PIERCED IN A PLACE AT THE MALL!!!!!! they could screw u up, NOW I HAVE A SCAR!!! and the place closed down, i wonder why! get pierced in a REAL piercing studio, and ask the piercer questions, theyre always willing to help!!

well, if u have any questions whatsoever, email: [email protected]

oh yea, i think the least painful pierce after the ears is the belly button, so give it a try! now, i wanna pierce my tongue!!! mommy says "NOOOOO" but who cares? im gonna be 18 in october, and she wont have to know!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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