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my belly-button (age:17)

or years I had wanted to get my belly button pierced. I was 17, and I begged my mom to let me. But she was totally against it, she thought it was disgusting...somehow I managed to get her to come to one of the best piercing places on Long Island (Body Designs) with me. Once she met the piercing lady, a big biker type...she said definetly not. She said possibly in a couple months if my grades were good. Of course they weren't, so it looked as if I'd have to wait 6 months till my 18th b-day came around, which is a really long time for an impatient person like me.

In June, I started going to the beach a lot. Everyone had belly button rings....I was so jealous. My friends who were around my age had also been getting into the piercing thing. It started with my friend going to NYC and getting her tongue pierced. After that, everyone was going to this shop in the city to get tattoos and piercings cuz it was a clean place that pierced minors. Even the city cops recommended it to us! The only thing I was afraid of was my mom somehow finding out.

One day, I finally decided to do it. Me and two of my friends went into the city. We walked all the way to the village where this place was at. I told them I wanted to get my belly-button pierced. It only cost me $35 too. I was very worried about cleanliness...so I tried watching everything,as nervous as I was. The guy removed my jewelry with tweezers. He put it in a bag and handed me another bag with an unopened needle and a clamp.

I climed down the steepest stairs I've ever seen in my life to the piercing room, which was small and cramped. The walls were decorated with all types of genital piercings. The guy piercing me was pretty cute. He had a barbell going through the back of his neck...which I haven't even heard of before. He was nice...made me feel comfortable. I sat down in a dentist's chair that reclined. He made dots on my belly button and kept fixing it till it was centered. He then clamped it. I closed my eyes and starting squeezing my friend's hands. It was painless. All I felt was a little pop as it went in an out. I looked down at the needle in me and watched him slide in the ring. It was done. I was so happy.

For the rest of the nite moving my body was a little bit painful but not too bad. I had to sit down slowly and I couldn't turn from side to side. Going to sleep that nite wasn't too easy either since I usually sleep on my stomach. Taking a shower was a little hard at first cuz I kept hitting the ring forgetting it was there. Driving was also a pain cuz I had to turn my body to look over my shoulder. It would puss a lot...all normal though.

To clean it I would wet the whole ring (usually with a q-tip to remove the crusting). Then with a q-tip I'd soak it with bactine, moving the whole ring around so every part of thr ring was cleaned. I'd leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse it off and dry it with another q-tip. I went through q-tips like crazy! i did this procedure twice a day ( in the shower and before bed) I took vitamins for about two weeks and soaked it with a cup of sea salt water ocassionally.

3 days after my piercing, I woke up with some dried blood. I panicked. I went to two piercing places. Both said I probably just rolled over on it in my sleep and not to worry. Both also agreed the piercing was made a little too high up. A week or so later, I was able to lie comfortably on my stomach. The piercing was red for a couple months.

I've had it for about 6 months already. It looks and feels healed. it still crusts and pusses occasionally, but is totally painless! I love it. It shifted to the left somewhat which annoys me cuz I'm always trying to center it. It's also developed a keloid in the bottom whole, which I've had for a couple months already and haven't really had the time to get rid of it. I now clean the piercing once a day. I don't regret getting it, but I'd like to let whoever's interested know....it's a big commitment. I've been taking care of mine daily for 6 months already. I think a lot of people would've gotten tired of the hassel already. It's a real pain in the ass stocking up on bactine and q-tips constantly. I'd also like to add that my mom still, amzingly has not seen it. Even with all the short tank tops I wore over the summer. I guess it turned out all right that the guy pierced it a little too high...I still kid with my mom (even though I'm 18 now)...would you be mad if I pierced my belly- button? and then she flips. Lately I've been asking her about my tongue...which she considers even more disgusting. So I went out last nite and pierced it at Body Designs, which is a place I really recommend! So far she hasn't noticed. But Hey- I'm 18...I can do whatever the hell I want. But that'll be my next story. I'd defiently say though that a belly ring's more pleasant than a tongue ring! [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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