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Navel Experience

finally got my navel pierced! I said "finally", because I know there are people who just on an impulse pick up a safety pin and iave themselves a pierce, but for me, believe it or not, I went to eight different places before I found a piercer I felt comfortable with and went ahead with it. Not to mention the hours I went online. Educated shopper to the extreme...

The first place I went to, I walked in, and somewhat nervously told the guy that I am considering getting my belly button pierced, and want to ask him a few questions. He looked up and said, `It'll be $50 and we use a 14 gauge.' Well, it happens that price was the last concern I had on my mind.

A few others I went to, I don't quite like the look of the interior. Dirty, run-down, poorly lit.

Well, one day I saw this tattoo place in South Beach, and just decided to walk in and at least check out the jewelry. The piercer, a lady, was really really nice and patient, and gave me a lot of information. She even offered to show me the room where piercing is done, and the needles and rings, told me about annealing and what to look for in high quality jewelry. She was the only one who asked to see my belly before answering what size and type of jewelry she will use.

Originally I had set my mind on a barbell with ruby on one end (don't know if it's real ruby, but that's my birth stone) but was told that it's too heavy for a new pierce. So I had to make do with plain SSS. Anyway, I ended up with a circular barbell. Not as enticing and unique as I wished, but after some getting-used-to, looks fine. Just can't wait till the pierce heal so I can hang some charm on the barbell, and hopefully get my boyfriend into buying a" diamond ring" for me!!!

I can't tell much of the procedure, I had my eyes shut. It was surprising though how little it hurt, I didn't even know that it was over. It was almost anti-climatic... Despite having heard so from other people, it still surprised me that there was no blood at all. It definitely hurt less than my earlobe pierce. I remember crying so hard my dad said, 'If it hurts that much, why don't you take the earrings off?' But then I was a kid...

The pierce still has a reddish tint around it, so I haven't showed it to many people. A guy friend that I showed it to wasn't too positive though... To be more exact, he was shocked. "But, you had such a beautiful body!!!' He exclaimed in dismay...

Of course, I definitely believe it is more beautiful now... Just can't wait for the gemstone...

And oh, a little incident: a few days after the pierce, I was lying in bed admiring the pierce. Out of sheer nothing-to-do-ness, I unscrewed the little bead to examine it. And boy, I had a real hard time putting it back on. It was a tiny bead to begin with, you can't really see the loop sitting or lying, and the bead kept ending up in my belly button hole. Finally I got the bead back on. But the following day when I took a look at the pierce while at work, to my dismay the bead was missing!!! I was panicky that the whole jewelry will fall out and I'll lose my pierce, until I realized that it is unlikely the jewelry will move or rotate at all, it was so tightly wrapped by my skin. Still, I taped it with some first aid tape till I could see my piercer for a spare ball.

So, hope everybody learn from my lesson.

Azuki Email: [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1998
in Navel Piercing

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