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"A navel for a chubby and a tragus for a wuss"

've been interested in piercing for a few years - since I first got my lobes gunned at 14, but it wasn't until I reached the ripe old age of 21 that I actually got something other than my ears impaled.

When I first discovered rec.arts.bodyart and BME about seven or eight months ago, I was immediately inspired to get my nostril and eyebrow pierced, but unfortunately a fear of what my parents (who are paying my maintainance at University) and my holiday employers (who are mainly 'conservative' as I'm a secretary) would think put me off. I was disheartened - what else could I possibly have done? I was too scared to get my ear cartiledge or nipples pierced, and as far as I could see there were no other options for me.

Then the lady in my local piercing shop suggested I have my navel pierced. I scoffed - all the girls I'd so far seen with navel pierces were skinny and toned, while I am undoubtedly chubby (if not outright 'fat'). I thought my generously curvy stomach wouldn't be suitable for a navel pierce, as my navel totally disappears into my gut when I sit down.

But I though about it, and it seemed more and more like a great idea. Eventually, I decided to get it done in April of this year. I'd just finished a major dissertation for my degree, and I needed a way to celebrate - and what better way than by getting pierced! I went ahead and had it done, with a friend for support. Despite all my fears about the pain, and the size of my stomach, it was remarkably untraumatic.

I chose a plain SSS barbell for the pierce, and asked my piercer that, under no condition must I see the needle (I have a mild phobia about them). He was very reassuring, and I lay down on the piercing table and proceeded to babble incessantly about anything - the weather, my course, holidays etc. After a few minutes, the piercer interrupted me and said "By the way, you're done". I was amazed - I'd hardly felt more than a slight pinch! He held a mirror to my stomach and I looked up - there was a neat piece of metal through the flabby bit at the top of my navel! It was so cool! :)

Now, I've begun a total love affair with my stomach. I don't care any more if I'm flabby - I'm showing off my navel and I don't care who says I'm not svelte enough to wear belly tops! The barbell is much more convenient for me than a ring - when I sit down the jewellery isn't distorted by the way my stomach moves, so it's healing fine.

To be totally honest, I've now realised that I'm not that big at all, I was just a little paranoid. Having my navel pierced has helped me love my body a lot more, and it's great!

By now, the piercing bug had bitten. After a couple of weeks of umming and aahing, I decided that I wanted my tragus pierced. Now this was a lot harder to go through than the navel. I knew it was going to hurt, as it was a cartiledge pierce and I'd read the testimonials on BME. In the end, it took me three months and three trips to the piercing studio before I went through with it.

On the first two attempts, I walked out, and nearly burst into tears because I was so disappointed with myself. On the third, I nearly did the same. As I sat in the piercing chair I began to panic and was about to get up; but then I remembered how annoyed I was the last time I'd done that, and I made myself stay.

In the end, the piercing was hardly painful at all. I did the breathing thing, closed my eyes so I wouldn't see the needle, and all I felt was a pinch and a little pressure. There was, however, a lot of blood, but when I looked in the mirror and saw the beautiful pierce I was so hyped I didn't care! It's now a week later, ad the pierce has not been painful at all. I think I must be especially impervious to pain - or maybe everyone else is just a wuss! Who knows? :)

As for the future - I now want my left tragus pierced, as the right was such a breeze (and I'm having a thing for symmetry at the moment). I've also just begun stretching my lobes, and a hand web on my right hand is not an impossiblity.... I'll keep you posted!

Laura. http://www.ukc.ac.uk/php/lp9/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 1998
in Navel Piercing

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