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Navel @ Gauntlet LA

ince i was 12 i had been begging my parents to let me get my tongue pierced. they always said, "not until you're 18". i had also been bugging them to let me get my tongue pierced, which they really hate. anyway, they finally agreed to let me pierce my navel. i checked out a lot of places, to be sure to find a very clean studio. there was one i really liked, but they wouldn't pierce me until i'm 18. i decided i would go to the place my cousin gets pierced at, even though it's not all that sanitary. i went to get my jewelery at the place i really liked because i wanted to do it with a 12 guage cbr, not a 14. when i was there i told them where i was planning on getting pierced. they strongly hinted not to go there. i asked if he knew of a place that was good and would pierce me. he said the gauntlet would be a good place. i told my parents i would make the appointment for two weeks later (those were the terms of the agreement). the gauntlet is about an hour and a half away, and i was going to go past there this weekend so my mom said i could change my appointment. february 28th was the day.

the day of

i wasn't nervous at all, but very rushed to leave because i was going to be late. i packed my stuff and was on my way. when i was half way there my mom asked if i had eaten anything. i said i hadn't, so we stopped and got something to eat. i ate it, and we were there. i gave them the jewlery (a 12 guage cbr), paid, and listened to the aftercare instructions. my piercer told me to wait while she set up the room. i waited about 5 minutes and was called back. i was really nervous but i wanted it so bad i wasn't about to back out. my piercer (i don't remember her name) talked to me for a while while she got some stuff ready. she was really nice (and sanitary, she changed her gloves about 15 times while i was there) and made me very comfortable. i asked her if my little sister could watch, she said yes and to have my mom watch too. they both came in and sat down. my piercer disinfected the area, then wiped it off. then she marked it, changed it, and had me look at it. i liked it, so she put the clamps on. she told me they would pinch, and to lay down. they weren't bad at all. she told me she was going to tell me to breathe and when i exhaled she would do it. she grabbed the clamps and told me to breathe in deeply, so i did. she put the needle through and all i felt was the tiniest pinch you could ever imagine and the needle sliding through. it didn't hurt one bit, and i'm a wuss. i stayed there with a needle in me while she got my jewelry. i heard that the most painful part was when the jewlery was going through, but i couldn't feel it at all. she put the bead on and told me i was done. i got up and looked at it, it was exactly how i wanted it. it was awesome! i said thanks, tipped her and was on my way. about 20 min. later i noticed two drops of blood and wiped it off. later that night there was a little more blood, but not much.

day 1

not sore, but a little discomfort. i cleaned it twice today, and saoked it with sea salt and water like they suggested. oh, i played basketball with my sister and she hit me in the stomach, which hurt and bled a little. other than that everything was fine.

days 2 through 5

the discomfort goes away quickly, but shows up again when i bend down, or touch it the wrong way, but it's not pain. it was red on day 2. on day 3 there was a little bruise, actually it was just sorta yellow.

days 6 and 7

no discomfort at all, i can bend over or lay on it and it's fine. it's red just around the hole, like when you cut yourself. it's really dry and itchy, but other than that i love it more than anything. i still soak it and clean it, so it's doing good. i can't wait until it's fully healed. I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH!

anyone considering getting their navel pierced should go for it. i love mine! i don't think i have ever spent $65 on anything that worth while. i'll send in a pic of it when i get it developed. i can't wait to get my tongue done, but i'll have to do a lot of convincing for my parents to agree. i strongly recommend the gauntlet in la, they're great! if you have any questions or comments e-mail me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1998
in Navel Piercing

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