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Navel piercing from hell

When I was 16, my friend got her navel pierced, and came over and showed it to my stepdad. I just mentioned that I was going to have it done on my 18th birthday, without asking permission or anything, and out of nowhere, he said that he'd sign whatever forms were necessary for me to do it now as long as I never got anything on my face. However, when I go off to college, I'm still having my tongue, eyebrow, and ears (just a couple more times) done ;).

Anyway, back to the point. We went to the local mall and went into a place

called Adorn Me, the only place in town that will do anything at all on anyone under 18 at all. I knew that they did it with a gun there, which I had heard was not a god way to go, but being so excited to have it done, and not having been terribly knowledgeable on the subject, didn't really care. Anyway, they're professionals; nothing to worry about, right? I wish.

My best friend came along, and after my stepdad signed the forms, he went

out for a beer, not wanting to watch. The lady said that the way they did it, it would be done with a stud for two days, and then I would have to come back two days later for the ring to be put in. That sounded kind of weird to me, especially since 5 minutes before I had gotten a cartilage piercing, and she was going to use the exact same earring in my stomach as in my ear. But, figuring that she knew what she was doing, I stood up, took a deep breath, and waited for the piercing to commence. After the usual cleaning and disinfecting stuff, she had to ask me several times if I was ready, and everytime, I answered with a timid, squeamish "not yet," not knowing what to expect and suddenly becoming very nervous as they had to redo my friend's 3 times in 20 minutes to get it right. Finally, I gathered my courage, and as I heard the gun click, I just about started screaming obscenities in the store. After about 30 seconds, the pain and shock went away, and I just couldn't believe that I had done it. I got a huge adrenaline rush, and felt like I could conquer the world, one (or, on that day 2) piercings at a time =).

However, that night at work, there was one point during the night that I

moved a certain way, and out of nowhere it hurt so bad that I thought I was going to faint. I didn't get to check up on it until an hour later, when I found that the back of the earring had fallen off, and was nowhere to be found.One of the ladies I worked with gave me an earring back, but I coudn't get it back out through the lower hole, because it had already closed up. I finally decided to just take it out altogether and go back prepared to bitch like hell at the piercing people the next day.

When I went back, they told me to let it heal up for 3 to 4 days, and

they'd redo it for free.When I did go back, the lady put it on so tight that after about 2 days, the top of the stud was cutting into me. I didn't get a chance to go back for 4 days to have my ring put on, and by that time, despite my efforts, it was infected pretty bad because I couldn't turn it or anything beacuse the sud had cut so far into me. I hurt so bad that onenight, I just took it out and put the damn ring and bead on it myself, which went fairly smoothly. Figuring it would heal, I went on with the after care, because I was not about to go through the whole ordeal again.

It remained infected for a couple of weeks when my boyfriend suggestd that

I use hydrogen peroxide on it to get the infection out. I went back to my aftercare sheet, and seeing that it was recommended, used it faithfully for a couple of weeks. Later, however, upon discovering that hydrogen peroxide leads to bad scarring on body piercings, I cold have killed him, even though I know he was just trying to help.

The infection remained for a good 2 months before the redness went away,

and although I still have my ring and it's now o.k., the stuff I went through to have a piece of metal in my belly button doesn't seem nearly as cute or sexy as it did in the beginning. Don'y get me wrong I still love it, but it was almost more trouble than it was really worth.

The moral of the stroy is: Call around to a bunch of places, and if

necessary, go out of town to make sure it gets done right.Don't go to the cheap place in the mall because you're short on cash; save up and wait until you can be sure that your piercing will be worth the money. AND NEVER, EVER GO TO A PLACE THAT USES A GUN ON YOUR EAR, SOMEONE ELSE'S NIPPLE, AND YOUR BELLY BUTTON IN THE SAME DAY. EAR PIERCING GUNS ARE FOR EAR ONLY.

Jaime, 16 Meridian ID


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1998
in Navel Piercing

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