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Navel Piercing: One girls long experience...

ell, I finally got my navel re-pierced. I had it pierced about 3 years ago and I had it done with a gun. Yes, I know that's a bad thing to do but that's the only place I knew of. Back then it wasn't very mainstream so the information wasn't readily available and I was honestly too naive to go about finding it. I remember the place that did it too, it's kinda funny now that I think about it, no harm done. It was a hair salon that had the wonderful gun, this guy hairstylist took me to the back and I laid down on a tanning bed. :-) The only place too lay down and he did it. It didn't hurt but after about a week I found this piercing studio and got it changed from a stud to a CBR. The piercer there gave me a long lecture about what I had done and said if I had waited any longer that there would've been a lot more scar tissue. He wasn't too mean though, plus, I kinda had it coming. It was a bit infected for a while and the bead ended up falling off and getting lost while I was playing soccer and I didn't know how easy it was to go and just get a new one put in, plus, I moved to a new city and didn't know of any place. So, anyways, the ring ended up coming out and left me with a tiny little scar. Which leads me up to about 2 weeks ago, my re-pierce.

I'm having a case of the piercing bug but because of my office job I have to be selective in my piercings. I got the Helix part of my ear done about 2 weeks before my navel so that helped ease the craving for about a day or two. :-) So, I got on the internet and looked up piercings. As I was looking though I found a variety of jewelry for navel piercings besides the CBR which EVERYBODY has and even though it's a main stream piercing, I wanted to be a bit different. So, I made the appointment at a place called Ritualistics, Edmonton, Canada, which is where I've gotten my other ear piercings and my tattoos. Contrary to how it sounds I'm kind of a preppy looking person, with a tiny, tiny, tiny edge. Anyways, I made an appointment for me and my sister (who was also getting her navel pierced) with Noni. Go to her not anyone else. When we got there we were looking through the jewelry and stuff to see what we wanted. When Noni was ready she took us to the back, it's a really nice clean shop and Noni is friendly. I've been to places that just want your money and could care less about you, so customer service really matters to me. She went over all the care instructions before anything, twice a day with an anti-bacterial soap for 6 months, which I think is better then doing it after the piercing because I honestly think that once I was pierced I wouldn't have much of an attention span. So, then we picked out our jewelry, my sister got the 14 CBR with a jewel on the closure which is really cute and I got a curved bar-bell with a baby blue jewel on the end. Noni didn't really want to initially pierce with that and told me that bar-bells were a lot harder to clean and therefore there's a lot more chance of infection. She said that if an infection occurred she would take it out and put a ring in until it healed, so I agreed to this. I really wanted the jeweled bar-bell. So, we were all ready, my sister went first because she said that if she watched me get it done then she wouldn't be able to get it done herself. So, that went off without a hitch. Now my turn. I wasn't too nervous because, hey, I've done this before. So, she got me to stand there while she cleaned the navel up and then marked it and she told me to stretch my arms above my head so that when the barbell was in it wouldn't stretch the skin too much. So, with my shirt tucked under my bra I laid down on what was like a bed that you would find in a doctors office. I couldn't watch, I didn't want to watch. First the clamps, no pain there, then the needle, a little pain there. Nothing much though, then the jewelry and voila. She showed me how I should wash it and then I was able to go and look in the mirror. Wow, did that ever look cool. I absolutely love it. No blood, no nothing until about a week after the piercing, it was pretty crusty for a couple of days and then that went away and so did the tenderness. It's still pinky, red around the puncture holes but it's not sore or anything. I've heard it stays red for a couple of months. Some healing tips, cleaning in the shower is always the best because it's easy and handy, otherwise hold a hot compress(wet cloth) to it for about five minutes, this generally helps get the crusties off without scrapping. Also, keep your clothing away from the area, if your wearing pants that come up to your navel, just unbutton them and then fold the tops parts inward, it works great. Also, she was right about the bar-bell being harder to clean, it's an absolute pain in the butt so I would recommend getting a ring unless you're totally dedicated to taking the extra time it takes with a barbell. So, two weeks later I'm sporting a cool new piece of jewelry that's doing good. With all that done I still have that damn piercing bug! Now in three days I go and get my left nipple pierced. I heard this one is REALLY supposed to hurt but thanks to BME I've been able to gain as much information as I can before I go. :-) Thanks for listening to my long story about my little 'ol belly-button, I would recommend it to guys and girls. It's a sexy feature to any body.

Thanks, Jess


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1998
in Navel Piercing

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