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March 20 was the day! After years of exploring body modification and having read the ReSearch book about a hundred times, I finally got the courage to get my first piercing. I must say, that ever since my childhood I fancied to get an earring, but never went for it due to social pressures. So, this day really was something I have worked on for a long time.

It was difficult for my to choose what kind of piercing should be the first. I knew, that once I get over it and get the first one, I will proceed much easier with it. So, I decided to get my navel pierced, because I think it is a really beautiful piercing, a bit concealed but yet too extreme. Of course -- being a male -- I thought about this "only girlies get this piercing"-thing, but thought that I didn't mind. It's my personal taste which matters.

So, I made the appointment and of course was bit nervous once I did finally walk in to Gaunlet L.A. in W-Hollywood and said that I called and wanted to get pierced. I decided on a curved barbell, because everyone says that it heals better. The piercer first looked at my navel to see if it could be pierced at all. The YES was a relief! So, I went in the room, took my shirt off and she marked the holes inside the navel and on the top above it. I got up an check if the placement was okay. It was. So, I layed down again, she got everything ready, desinfected the area, changed gloves again an then bent over me. No way back I said to me. So, she told me to relax, breath and then pushed the needle through. I hardly feld anything. (I am not fat, by the way!) She put the barbell in and I was done. Surprisingly quick, no pain and no rush. (I expected that one, but I guess I missed it) I got up and there I was a pierced human being. Very nice! She gave me instructions and told me to call her anytime in case of trouble. Very professional and discrete handling of it all, I must say!

That was six weeks ago. The piercing never really hurt, unless you touch it or move it to clean it. The crusties were gone quickly, but the piercing is still not completly healed. I have changed to a ring after four weeks without a problem. Infections did not occur, although I was afraid of overcleaing the piercing. I can really recommend the c.b., because I have had a lot less trouble than my girlfriend with her ring.

I love the look and it makes me feel great. The first step is done and more will follow. Everyone outhere, don't be afraid. There is really not much pain involved.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Navel Piercing

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