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A Step by Step Guide of Getting a Navel Piercing

TITLE>A Step by Step Guide of Getting a Navel Piercing

A Step by Step Guide of Getting a Navel Piercing (Holly's First Piercing Experience)

Here I am, with my shirt rolled up in the front, letting

the Piercer clean and apply local anesthetic to my belly button. Note the latex gloves -- I wouldn't go anywhere that did not enforce sanitary conditions and did not comply with the city/province/state/country's health laws/regulations. Always, ALWAYS research your piercing/tattoo parlour -- go in and talk with the artists there. Ask questions, even stupid ones. A good piercer/tattooist will answer EVERY question, and should supply pamphlets on care for tattoos/piercings. And NEVER go to a hairdresser to have piercings done with a GUN! See this article on BME (Body Modification Ezine) for more info...

Here he is using a felt-tipped marker to draw two "in" and "out" dots for the needle.

Okaaay, now I'm laying down on a gurney/old dentist chair -- it was tilted far, far back so the blood rushed to my head (prevents fainting I guess) and I couldn't see what was going on. (If I sat up, my tummy would curl thus making piercing impossible.) He's using small forceps to pinch the skin together for 'ease of piercing.' The ends of the forceps have small 'loops' where he lined up the "in" and "out" dots. As for pain, the forceps were uncomfortable. Slight pinching and tugging of skin around my tummy.

If you don't understand gauge sizes, I recommend that you check out Stainless Studios' info on piercing "hardware."

THE NEEDLE IS GETTING SHOVED THROUGH!!! (action shot) And honestly, the only discomfort was Ryan putting his weight on his hand, pushing down on my abdomen. I only felt the needle prick for a split second, but did not feel the needle moving through my skin. Since I chose a 14 gauge CBR (captive bead ring) -- the needle was "fresh", opened from a sterilized package (never used before) and was a 14 gauge needle!

After Ryan pushes the needle halfway through my flesh, he puts a cork on one end. (This protects him and me.) I think he removes the forceps next, THEN places the ring (which is also sterilized and new and packaged) on the other end.

The CBR (ring) is now getting pushed through the new hole. The next sensation I felt was some tugging as he closed the ring. The ring I chose was niobium and the colour was "oilslick" -- meaning it was a spectrum of colour from blue to red to gold. If you want to learn more about different metals and ring shapes, click here.

When it comes to cleaning; Less is more, but doing nothing is bad. All done! This pic was taken seconds after the piercing -- I did not faint, scream or feel nauseous. I even went out for dinner and clubbing afterwards. It's been almost 2 weeks now, and the piercing is healing fine. On about the 3rd day, the hole started to "ooze" white stuff, not pus or that would be an infection, and form a crust around the holes. The ring has to be turned 6-7 times a day with CLEAN, freshly washed hands. By over-touching the piercing, I can get infection or cause the healing process to take longer. But I still have to wash it once/twice a day with Antibacterial soap, apply antibiotic ointment (I recommend "Mecca" -- all natural, no moisturizers) and use warm water on q-tips to soak OFF the 'crusty' stuff -- absolutely NO PICKING.

Here is the finished product -- a gorgeous, sexy navel ring to show off.

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on: 25 Sept. 1997
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