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The day I got my lip pierced. Best day ever in other words.

Let me start by saying I am 14 years of age, this is my sucess at a lip piercing done un-professionally, which all say never works mostly.

Okay so my experience dates back almost a month ago I believe. This was kinda a do-it-myself thing, although not myself I had a friend do it. Now I had many a lectures on doing it yourself and on counting on a infection. It was supposedly not allowed at all, though I could not have chosen a better piercing to defiy my parents with. Furthermore, it is all okay now with me and my family, no faults or bad words anymore, they also said if I ever did get it down it would supposedly be ripped out of my lip, but of course, that never did happen.

Let me get on with it, I had been wanting one a long time, and on a whim I had menchioned it to my friend, whom offered to do it for me. I gladly accepted. So the next day she brought the needle, I had a ring already to put in once done, which I sterilized and brought with me also. Needless to say the needle stated above was a saftey pin, which I assumed was sterilized also.

The deed was done at lunch the day we planned, in the bathroom nearby. I was so antsy and nerved, I had never gotten a piercing, my ears were, but when I was little so I cant remeber any of it or pain. As I began to think she wouldn't show, she finally walked in with her saftey pin. By then my stomach had turned I was so nervous, and I had began to wonder why I hadn't just backed out yet, I figured I would. We stepped into a stall and my fingers were shaking as I pointed to the spot I wanted it at, a tad low but I love it all the same. She assured me i'd be okay and to calm down, I obliged and gripped on the closest metal bar in the stall. The pain I can hardly remeber now, it didnt hurt alot and she set the saftey pin in for awhile, I hugged her after the pin was through, needless to menchion. Getting the partial ring in was not difficult and I let her do it for me as I was still shaking like a chicken, but a happy chicken.

Swelling was not a huge deal and it died down after a couple days, I clean it 2-3 times a day with professional piercing anti-bacterial soap, salt water, and some non alchohol mouthwash. I have had it for almost a month I believe with no trouble no pussing, no infections, not at the least, pain was detered by the fact I took 2 ibuprofens after each wash. I do not regret my choice and I love my piercing alot.

This is my story, purely informational to say, yes it IS possible to do a unprofessional piercing and it not get infected, so long as you own the correct materials to clean it with. If you choose to get one I do say your parents will not rip it out if they say they will, I was yelled at for about a hour before they accepted it and moved on. I was asked once to take it out, but that was when I first uncovered it. Enjoy, if you get your own, it's rather interesting.

On another pressing note it WOULD be a good idea to numb your lip if you really cannot stand pain, I did not do such so the pain was on a higher scale, but not bad, my eyes just watered mostly. Ice would be a good methhod, it's easier to obtain and use. On another note it could be bad, as ice deters the pain as you do it, so afterwards it may hurt worse. I gather this from thought. It also did not bleed, for me atleast.

On a final thought, look up information before you get it done, I did so, so I was prepared for the worst if it did happen, which did not. Oh and show your parents when you get it done on your own, hiding it may make it worse, espically if it gets infected , you have to show it then and get medical attention. Finally, what I did could have been dangerous, yes, I admit, but it wasnt, if you treat it right nothing bad should happen, well if you use a needle you found somewhere on the ground all muddy and a old dusty ring and you never clean it, yes that is almost garunteed. Not all piercings are bad, mine sure wasn't. Good luck if you so choose for one. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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