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My horizontal lip piercing, a story to remember.

My horizontal lip piercing.

I'm a kid that has always been interested in tattoo's piercings and that kind of things. So it was no wonder, that at the time I turned 16, I wanted piercings.. Hell I wanted allot of them. I started off with 2 off centre tongue piercings. Everything went fine with them, I still got them, 2 years later. But at the time I turned 17 I wanted to try something new.

I always wanted to get a visible piercing. Just because I like the look on people their faces as they see it the first time. All of my friends had lip piercings. So it was a logical step for me to get one myself. But I thought to myself, is it really that original. I figured out that there were so many people having that piercing, that I didn't want it, not like that.

But then, I saw bme.com and fell in love with the whole site. I've spend countless hours reading story's, watching new piercings and then I accidently saw it. The piercing I wanted to get, horizontal lip piercing.

I had just met a new piercer, located in Amsterdam, my friend and I hang out there some times. Talking with the piercers and tattoo artists there. We had a real fun time and from time to time, we came there to get a new piercing.

So one day, I asked her to do my lip. She said sure, what do you want? So I explained that due to lack of originality of the normal piercings, I wanted to do it a little bit different. All she said was that I was crazy, and I nervously said that it was true.

So we got started, my two friends were standing behind me as some kind of moral support (note that I really needed it and really want to thank them for that). I was all up ease with my piercer (saskia, she is the best piercer I met, and I still let her do my piercings) that I had met not that long ago. We talked a bit and she said that she thought that she could do it, but that she never ever in her 19 years of piercing ever saw one by someone.

That is probably the point I started to freak out a bit. She said that it would hurt, a lot. I heard my friends behind me laughing, whilst for me there wasn't much to laugh about..

She disinfected my lip, and my mouth, just to be sure.. Then she marked the place for it to be, we discussed the placement, as I wanted it to be a little bit lower, while she was like "you're really a pain in the ass, I'm not going to do it like that!". So, after a while we compromised and I was ready to go.

She grabbed the needle and took hold of my lip, said "just relax" and as soon as I said, I try my best, she pushed it through (note, she knows me pretty well and just knew I was ready for it to receive it). But really, that pain, as soon as the needle was half way through the tears where just rolling over my face, I couldn't help it.. It had hurt so much, that when the needle was through, I nearly fainted!

And that was where the trouble started to kick in, while I felt horrible, she was talking to me. And after 10 minutes, I felt a little bit better. She gave me some water to drink (which didn't hurt, as I had so much adrenaline in my body, I just didn't felt anything anymore). Then it was time to get the piercing on its place.

We had agreed on using ptfe and she had it all done just right. She wanted to do the follow through method. Which failed. It failed so hard, I can't believe it. She did it very slowly, but as the needle was in there for a while, my lip had swollen up to immense seize. It was hurting so much I was afraid to pass out. Half way she started cursing, I asked her what was wrong, she said she had lost it and that it had to be done over.

I didn't even care at that point, I was more like, fuck it, I tried and failed. I said to her it wasn't that much of a problem. She said that I didn't have to pay for it, because we both learned from it. So my friends and I walked outside, got to a fast food restaurant and all I was doing was drinking coke.

I felt horrible when I got home (I always feel sick when I get wounded, I feel like I got the flu and go to bed early). And by the time I went to bed I couldn't sleep for a while.

I wanted a new piercing.. I really want that lip piercing.

So after 1 week, I decided that I would go do it again. I called my friends again, and we had to the piercing shop. Saskia was welcoming me and asked what she could do for me. I explained it, that I wanted it so bad, she understands. When I think about it now, I don't understand it, but she did.

So, the whole procedure started all again, I got so nervous, after she marked my lip, I smoked a cig downstairs in the alley and let some girl go first. By the time she was done, I smoked 2 cigarettes and still I felt nervous. Now I knew what would be going to be done, how it felt, it really freaked me out.

She told me, that this time, she would use a 1.6mm needle, and a 1.2mm ptfe bar. Then when the needle would be at place, she would put the bar in the needle and remove the needle from my lip. I said ok, that seems to be better.

So she grabbed my lip (after disinfecting it and all) and she put the needle through. Now I must say, it didn't feel that bad. Not like the first time, it felled way better. She put the piercing in place and all, and pulled the needle away. It was done. It looked really awesome, and my friends congratulated me with my first visible piercing.

I paid her 20 euro, as she said that I only had to pay for the piercing and the clamps she had used. After that, I can't remember getting any piercing from her that I paid the full price for (usually it is like 50% off, but sometimes I get it for free).

Now, around 10 months later, I wanted it to be a shorter bar, she had done that before, as my lip was swollen up for a very long time. Then it migrated a little more to the middle, and then it stayed there, showing a bit of the bar, which of course I didn't like.

So, she took it out, and it felt so, strange.. It was hurting when she took it out, and at the time she tried to get it back in, my lip had closed. There was no opening anymore, and she tried, but I shouted her to stop! Now, it was really gone now.

And she felt it was her fault me losing it for the second time, she said that the next piercing was going to be free. And now (couple of months later again) I finally know what I want. A surface tongue piercing. So I got an appointment for the next week, and I'm pretty sure it will hurt, but can't be bothered. The lip had hurt so much, I doubt I will feel anything similar like that ever.

Ohw, and for the people who want to know, during the healing period, I just leaved it the fuck alone, tried not to use it, and that's basically it.

I wish everyone who wants one, all the luck then need. It has high change of migrating and rejecting. I don't advise to get it, as mine never healed, and the scar on my lip doesn't look that nice, but I don't regret getting it, I loved it. And sometimes I still miss it.

Thanks for reading it, have fun!

Duncan, the Netherlands.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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