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My First Needle, and then My Second

My fascination with piercings started when my sister went to get her third and forth done when I was about ten. She had had her lobes done when she was born so that was nothing special and the ones she got done next were just higher up on her ears so yet again nothing special but seeing her get them done left me wanted to do so myself.

Seeing as I am a male my parents said no. My dad had one of his ears done years ago but had taken it out and my mom had flat out refused to even think about it, so the fascination sorta died for a little while. Fast forward 5 years and my parents split, I try to convince my dad to allow me to get my eyebrow done even going so far as to make a deal to change the way I normally dress and to cut my hair off. No go.

About a year and a half later I switched to wanting my lip done. At first I really wanted just a simple ring on the right but quickly grew to desire a set of snake bites. Well as it seems that fate likes to screw with me my two best friends at the time wound up getting them before me, one of them just in spite of me I found out later on (that fuck isn't my friend anymore). So that left me the odd one without any piercings.

Well now my 18th birthday rolls around, but for about a year I had be harboring an obsession with getting my first tattoo, nothing fancy just a medium sized upper arm piece based off one my father has and my lip was shoved to the back burner. After the tat was put on and my dad admitted (drunkenly at my grad party lol) that he wished that he had my tattoo instead of the one that I had based it on my life went a little crazy.

One day I'm hanging out with my buddies bullshitting about tats and piercings and the next I'm in the hospital watching my grandma die. So that threw all my plans onto the back burner. After her death though I did get to meet my cousin Chad for the first time who had some interesting ink and piercings and that stoked the fire that had fizzled down in the back of my brain.

About a week after the death of my grandmother I'm at my friend Jon's house joking about getting a spider bite done, I had switched my want to spiders after both Jon and Devin(my other friend at the time) got their snakes done and we made plans to call up a shop we knew the next morning.

Well I make the call to the shop White Wizard in Lima Ohio and ask for their pricing, and just general info about the shop. Satisfied I called my boss to make sure I wouldn't get fired for having them. He said everything was cool as long as I wore a retainer while at work so at about ten that night we set out for my first needle.

When we get there we are asked to wait for the woman to return she had run out to get food for the others at the shop so I browsed around and liked what I saw. The shop had the air of a hardcore kinda place and they had a great rep for the tattoos done their so I was happy. When she got back we went over what I wanted to get done and got to it.

Originally I wanted to get them both done at a 14 at the same time and with studs so they didn't shift up during the healing. Well that couldn't be done she only had one size 14 stud left so I decided to just have that done. After the marking and the clamps went on she counted to two and shoved threw with the needle it hurt a little bit but it was nothing compared to my first tattoo so I was on cloud nine.

The healing on the first one went great and only bled once even though I had to take it out two days after getting it to swap my retainer in so I was really pumped to finish the spider and get the second one done.

By this time Jon had found another shop in Bellfountian Ohio (this shop is closed now which sucks) and the piercer there, Eli, was cool as hell. We went up and talked with him about his past experiences and his training and kicked around some ideas for different piercings for a couple of days and he won me over so about a month after I got my first we headed out for the second needle.

We show up to the shop and I sign the normal papers while me and Eli talked about what he was going to do to me. After everything was said and done he took me and Jon back to the room and went through the process of explaining to me how I could tell witch needle had be put through the autoclave and witch hadn't, then he showed me that my needle and stud were clean and we were ready to go.

The mark and the clamp went on next to my first ring (I switched over to a ring after about 2&1/2 weeks) and I got my second piercing in my entire life. The second one hurt worse than the first but from what I had read online it was going to so I was ready for it. The heal time for the second was a bit longer then the first and I had a few more problems with it then I did the first but everything turned out great and I love my spiders.

My first and second piercings, my awesome Spiders


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: first%2C+Carrie%2C+second%2C+Elie
Studio: first%2C+White+Wizard%2C+second%2C+Camerion%27s+Elite+ink%28now+closed
Location: Lima+Ohio%2C+and++Camerion%27s+is+now+closed

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