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so thats what I forgot to tell you dad...

I have double lobe piercings and a nose piercing. All were gunned. However before you judge me I would like to say I didnt know any better until recently. All piercings are fine though. But you are not here to read about my lack of knowledge on piercing equiptment though, are you? So I'll get to my lip piercing.

For my fifteenth birthday I was supposed to get a scaffold/industrial piercing but when the day came my mother changed her mind. She loathes all piercings ecxept the run-of-the-mill lobe piercings that most probably most people have done in Claires accessories using a gun. My dad shares this opinion but he is much more open about this. It took me forever to persuade them to let me get a nose piercing and it took them forever to forgive me about my umplanned double lobes. I was understandably upset about not getting the scaffold after having fallen in love with it, so my mum said I could have anything else except that. I started off asking for a teardrop/anti-eyebrow piercing but got an instant no. So then I asked for a lip piercing and got another no. I pointed out that she had said I could have anything I wanted and would she rather I went with my first choice and went behind her back? She said she'd think about it. One day when I was with my friend (who has snakebites) my m um quizzed them on everything. "Does it annoy your teeth? Does it get in the way of eating?" etc. All very embaressing. I finally got the answer I had been waiting for:"Yes"! Yay! I started researching like crazy and got loads of information for my mum. She still wasnt happy but was glad I was doing my research.

My friend (from earlier with the snakebites) had gotten it done at Needleworks in Dumfries in Scotland. She said they were very clean and friendly, all youd want for your piercing. My mum and I went in three days ago to make an appointment for today at one thirty. The lady was very helpful and talkative and didnt try to rush you out the door like some other piercing studios I've been to. She was happy to answer all our questions no matter how stupid and reassured my mum that I would be totally fine. My mum definately worried less after meeting her.

I hadnt told my dad yet as I knew he would flip so I had been planning to save it until the night before so he couldnt really do anything. In the end my mum told him and he wasnt pleased but he would rather I done that than go behind their backs again.

Today I woke up filled up on cheese on toast brushed my teeth and used the mouthwash and spent my time not thinking about the piercing. When it was time to go I was starting to be really nervous but I let it go (as best I couold anyway). When we got there the lady that explained everything to us earlier explained she would do the piercing. She asked if I wanted a ring or a stud. I said a ring but she told me a stud is better for first having it done but I could have a ring if I wanted. So I chose a turqoise stud. She took me into the little room and made me lie on the dentist chair. She explained the procedure again and asked if I had any questions. I didnt. She asked where I wanted it and I said quite close to the lip. She marked it and I thought it was too high so she marked it a bit lower and got it perfect. First she froze it which was really weird and felt like shed poured cold water down my face. She clamped it which didnt hurt despite what everyone always says and told me to take a deep breath in. I felt the tip of the needle on my lip which was a wee bit sore but despite my (very) low pain threshhold I could handle it. She told me to let it out so I did. Nothing had happened. "It was the turqoise stud you wanted wasnt it?" She asked looming above me with the stud. I nodded. "Have you done it?" As I asked I felt the needle in my lip and knew she had. She laughed and put the stud in. The worst part was screwing the ball on as she had to pull my lip about. I was really proud of myself for doing it. She gave me an aftercare sheet explaining about salt-water. She suggested a new toothbrush and anti bacterial non alcoholic mouthwash. It cost thirty GBP and included in the price I get to go back in six weeks and they will change it to a shorter bar free of charge. Yay! I was really pleased. She gave me some listerine in a plastic cup after this (which I dribbled down my chin) and it bled a little but only for a few seconds.

Drinking, I've found is easiest done not thinking about it. Whatever Im eating, I have to cut into small pieces. Smiling is weird because it sticks out a bit but not too bad. Laughing hurts but you get used to it. I never knew how often I move my lip! You can feel it but its not annoying but does hurt if you move it suddenly. Because this is the first day it is quite a bit swollen but again not too bad. It is really hard to leave alone though! If you want it done go for it, even my parents quite like it and I love it. I definately reccommend Needleworks to anyone in the area as like my friend said all you want from a piercing studio. It didnt hurt at all and the weirdest part is freezing it. Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: cant+remember+%3D%28
Studio: needleworks
Location: dumfries%2C+scotland

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