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So this will be an account of the two 14g, CBR labret piercings I got a month ago. To date these make my 9th and 10th piercings; the previous 8 being four lobes, a conch and three tongue piercings. Two of the lobes and the conch were recently self done, but I decided to get the labrets done professionally. Self piercing is an increased risk everyone considering it must judge for themselves. I judged that the prevalence of placement (being the first thing most people see) justified having a piercer put them in.

As for the experience of getting them put in, it was fairly typical. I chose Bleed Blue tattoo and the piercer working that day was Keri. For anyone who has not been there, the shop is clean, with a laid back environment and a very professional staff. I am the annoying sort of customer that will ask a million and three questions and they were able to answer all of them. After marking them and checking that I liked the placement, he had me lie back on the table and put the clamp on my lip. She told me to take a deep breath and that she would push the needle through when I exhaled. The pain was pretty typical of other piercings I have had, maybe even a little less than piercing through cartilage. I generally tell people that a piercing feels no more or no less painful than a shot from the doctor. The initial pinch hurts, but that fades immediately to a slight ache and then fades completely.

Aftercare-I kept a bottle of non-alcoholic mouth mouthwash on me and washed it out anytime I drank, smoke or ate anything. I used a solution of non-iodized sea salt to rinse with several times a day and to clean the outside of the piercings as well. To be honest a lip piercing was most trouble then the tongue piercings; combining an oral piercing and a skin piercing. The piercing would discharge a little and crust some, but as the piercing has been healing this has become less of an issue.

I have had a surprising easier time with the piercings with the exception of one incident. About two weeks after getting the piercings, I had to work late one day, had not gotten a chance to eat lunch and was on foot to go meet someone I really did not want to see. In other words, I was having a shitty day. While I was walking, I picked up a sub and proceeded to eat it as fast as I could. I'd only had two pop tarts in the last 24 hours. I was starving and not really worry about the rings sticking through my lower lip. Not a good idea. I guess I was eating a little too fast, because I knocked the ball out of one of them and nearly swallowed in. I had to put the sub away and stop at a gas station bathroom to wash my hands before messing with the piercing. Getting it back in, was, of course, a pain in the ass, but it did eventually go back in. Unfortunately now the ball was loose. It was not falling out, but I could feel it moving back and forth between the two ends of the ring. I was careful with it until I got home that night. I knew I was not going to be able to make it back to the shop to have them tighten it back up for several days so in frustration and irritation I decided I would close it myself. I took some tape and wrapped it over the tips of a pair of needle nose pliers to keep them from scratching the metals surface. The piercing was already irritated from my monkeying with it earlier (and from whatever I did that managed to wrench the bead out). Looking back on this it would have been wiser to just wait to go back to the shop and have them do it. Nope, not me, I am far too impatient for that. When I went to squeeze them ring tighter, I squeezed a bit too hard and warped the right. The bead was tightly secure, but the ring was now bent and elliptical instead of round. No one has noticed yet, but then again people can usually only see less than half of the whole ring at any given time.

Drinking from a cup was a little challenging at first as the rings mess with the seal between the cups edge and my lower lip. I have found that either pouting you lip out as to drink will give it enough cushion to make an adequate seal, but I stained a few shirts learning that. As well, I can flip them over and into the corners of my mouth. I have also had no issues with kissing or other sexual contact, which I thought might happen.

All in all, a good experience, though I will sure as hell be glad to get them down sized. This first set of rings put in was big enough to deal with a monstrous amount of swelling and I can not wait to have a smaller pair put in.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Keri
Studio: Bleed+Blue
Location: Lexington%2C+KY

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