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My impromptu philtrum/medusa

About a week ago I realized that I could pierce my lip starting from the top of my bottom lip and ending below my lip. Why is this important when I'm writing about my philtrum piercing? Well, when I realized this and found out it was an actual piercing, a vertical labret, I decided I would go to Evolved the very next Thursday to get it done. The thing is Evolved has a buy one get one special on Thursdays. At first I decided I would get the other side of my navel but changed my mind to my other tragus. I went through a few possibilities, an industrial, nipple, and nose among others. The medusa was never a thought. When the time finally came and I went to Evolved I still hadn't made up my mind. A couple of friends who were working the counter that day asked me about my second piercing and when I told them I hadn't quite decided they started debating various possibilities. They settled on a medusa piercing. At first I was skeptical. I had heard of it before and did like it but I tried to avoid getting work done that I hadn't thought about for at least a few months. I thought about it for a moment and my rational mind vetoed the idea but unfortunately for my rational mind I am a sucker for spontaneity. I decided I would get the medusa.

I filled out my paperwork and was given the option of being pierced by one of two piercers. I expressed no preference as I knew they were both talented and knowledgeable. By chance I got Jared and truthfully I'm glad for it. I was more familiar with Jared and the bridge piercing he'd done for me a year prior had turned out wonderfully. I waited around for about 15 minutes talking, smoking, and checking out flash before Jared came out to get me. He had me sit in what looks like a big, black dentist chair while he got everything prepared. When he went to mark me he made some comment about my bottom lip being crooked and having to adjust the vertical labret to accommodate that. I didn't quite understand but I didn't ask about it, I trust Jared completely. He had me check out the marks and I approved. He decided to do the philtrum piercing first as it would be easier and was supposed to be more painful. I simply agreed. Again, I trust Jared completely. He had me lie back, lifted
my upper lip and put the needle against where my lip and gum meet inside my mouth. He had me inhale and exhale three times and on the third exhale he pushed the needle through. There was a pinching sensation, then a sharp pain, and the needle was through. I was rather surprised. I had heard that medusa piercings hurt quite a bit but it hurt no more than getting an IV (slightly worse than a shot). All in all, there was some pain but not enough to really care. My vertical labret hurt far worse though still not much. When all was said and done he had me check my new piercings in the mirror. They were awesome. The medusa and the vertical labret were in perfect alignment and I finally understood Jared's comment about my bottom lip being crooked. The center of my bottom lip is not even with the center of my face. For the piercings to line up and be centered the labret had to be slightly off center with my bottom lip. It looks far better this way and I am grateful that Jared was ab le to take this into consideration and compensate for it. My trust in him was justified once again. He took me up front for payment and aftercare.

The aftercare instructions were standard. I was given a bag of sea salt and instructions on how to mix it and use it. Personally I mix the salt and water in a cup, set the cup over my medusa, and tilt it back so the water covers the piercing. I also swish some around in my mouth to get the back of the piercing. I do this in the morning and before bed. It's worked before and hopefully it will work again. I've had my new piercings for two days now and have had no problems. The labret is slightly sorer than the medusa but the medusa stings a bit if moved the wrong way. It swelled a bit and is still swollen though not heavily and it doesn't hurt unless I play with the jewelry (which I shouldn't do anyway). The disk in the back sits against my gun which I like simply because it seems less likely to damage my teeth. Unfortunately the because of the disk it felt like I had something stuck underneath my lip and I couldn't help but check after eating for the first day or so. I have no t had this sensation yet today so I've probably adjusted to it. I would suggest to anyone who intends to get this piercing to not get it if you have a cold or runny nose. Blowing my nose I've found is a bit awkward because the swelling jewelry sticks out so far. I'm sure when I get normal jewelry I will no longer have this problem. Other than that I've had no issue and cannot foresee any other issues coming up. I saw Jared last night and he said it looked fine. I'm no professional but it seems fine to me as well, albeit a bit swollen.

Despite being an impromptu piercing I love my philtrum/medusa. It is subtle and looks nice in combination with the vertical labret. I would recommend this piercing to anyone who wants it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jared
Studio: Evolved
Location: Columbus%2C+OH

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