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Just want to get it right...

I already have more than a few body mods but that same old itch to get another one hit hard. I started out by looking around on Google and BME before finally deciding on the right side of my lip. I didn't have but a little bit of money at the time so I figured the best option would be one that I could manage on my own. My lip didn't seem to be something difficult or something that would require much experience. First things first, I had to get my supplies. This gave me about four or five days to make sure this was really what I wanted to do since the wonderful man selling needle kits on eBay lived 9 states over. The kit I ordered was a basic package containing a piece of cork and a needle. Lucky for me he also sold clamps. And so with no doubts, I anxiously waited for my kit and clamps to arrive. Soon as I came in from school they were there. Sitting so innocently on the counter where my dad had brought them in. The butterflies immediately started up and I rushed up to my room to get it done. I walked into my bathroom with one of those pen things from the DIY ear piercing kits to mark where I wanted it. The night before I had bought a brand new ring to put in it and so I laid it out on the counter along with the kit and the clamps. I was so nervous! I had to take a smoke break and decide on my plan of action. I went downstairs and sat on the porch and went ahead and let out all my butterflies. I knew my main objective was to get it done in a clean and sanitized fashion. But, as anyone who has thought about a DIY piercing, the doubts and questions started to arise. What if I couldn't go through with it? What if it's crooked? What if it gets infected and I'm horribly disfigured for life? Nonsense. I knew I could go through with it, if it's crooked it will be ok, and there's not going to be any disfigurement from a tiny poke. Back upstairs I went with my newfound bravery. When I got back into my bathroom I washed my hands thoroughly and brushed my teeth. I took a minute to open all my supplies and lay them out on a clean hand towel. Then I washed my hands again for good measure and picked up the thin strip of cork that came in the package. I carefully placed it on the inside of my lip. I knew I would have to go from the outside in otherwise I would never get it straight. The hardest part was fighting with the clamps to get them and the cork to cooperate together. It just kept slipping out until I wrapped my hair band around the clamp handles. As soon as I got the cork back into the right position I grabbed the needle and braced myself. I took a deep breath and when I exhaled I pushed the needle through. It really wasn't painful. There was only a pressured feeling like when someone pinches you with their nails. I took a moment to breathe with the needle sticking in there.
I knew the next part was probably going to suck since every other piercing I have didn't bother me up until putting in the jewelry. So I pulled the cork out of my mouth. No problems yet. The needle only went a tiny bit into it. Then I slipped the end of the ring into the hollowed tip of the needle. I then pulled it out as I pushed the ring so it went through smoothly as possible. That hurt like a bitch but only on scale next to biting your lip. I think it hurt more because I was taking too long. The only thing left to do was unclamp myself and put the ball on.
What a relief for my poor achy lip to have the clamps off. It instantly made it feel so much better. Now getting the ball on was a piece of cake. I stood back in the mirror to check out my handiwork. Love at first sight. It was perfectly straight and exactly where I wanted it. I couldn't wait to race down and show my dad! So far it's been doing great. I'm only a week in but I use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. It did wonders with my tongue and it seems to be good for my lip too. I think that anyone wanting this should really go to a shop but if that's not an option then I suggest making sure you read up on it and attempt to use the best tools for the job. Nothing good can come out of safety pins and thumbtacks as others so dumbly suggested.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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