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Another wonderful piercing; my vertical labret

I was sitting at home one day doing a whole lot of nothing and playing with my lip when I came to a sudden realization; it's completely possible to have a lip piercing that started where a labret would be but came out the top of the bottom lip. As soon as I realized this I fell in love with the idea. I was sure such a piercing must already exist and I wanted it. It sounded beautiful and wouldn't have the risk of harming the teeth like a normal labret. I asked a friend of mine who is an apprentice and he told me it was called a vertical labret and I told him that it was to be my next piercing. Not even days after my epiphany I found out my mother mailed me a check for Christmas. It was decided; next Thursday I would go to Evolved and get a vertical labret.

Conveniently, the check from my mother arrived the very next Thursday. I hesitated a moment, worried that the money may be better spent on groceries or gas, but the promise of such a wonderful piercing was too tempting. I called up a few friends and together we went to Evolved. We got to the shop to find that two of my friends were working the counter. I spent a few minutes debating with them about my second piercing as Evolved has a buy one get one special on Thursdays. Eventually I settled on an impromptu philtrum (medusa) piercing but that's another story altogether. I took a few minutes initialing and signing paper work. I was given the option of being pierced by one of two piercers. I did not express a preference and got Jared by luck of the draw. Especially lucky in my opinion as I greatly respect him as a piercer and am still loving the bridge piercing he'd done for me a year prior. I waited for a few minutes, smoked a cigarette, checked out some flash, and was escorte d to the back within 15 minutes or so.

Despite the friendly conversation from Jared I started to get the usual nervousness I get before every piercing. I've had hundreds of shots and IVs and quite a few piercings and am no stranger to pain but I still find myself quite nervous right before getting pierced. I have a high pain tolerance and rather enjoy pain but I was still unable to get the thought of the multitudes of nerves in my lips out of my mind. Jared's friendly disposition was comforting nonetheless. When he asked me if I was ready I responded that I never was. He seemed a bit concerned but I explained and we moved on. He began marking me and told me something about having a crooked bottom lip like he did and that he was going to do the labret a bit differently to accommodate that. I didn't understand but didn't ask about it. I trust Jared completely. He decided to do my philtrum first, partially because it would be easier, and partially because it would hurt more. Again, I trust Jared completely so I simpl y agreed. The philtrum was quick and relatively painless, not much different than getting a shot of Novocain. I couldn't believe that the vertical labret would hurt less than that and I was justified in my disbelief. With each piercing Jared asked me to inhale and exhale three times and would push the needle through on the third exhale. When he did this with my vertical labret my exhale was cut short by a small gasp and my breathing immediately became rapid. None of my piercings that were done professionally hurt more than an IV, none except this one. That being said, it still wasn't extremely painful, just more so than the others and I was surprised by it. Overall, the piercings were done quickly with no issue. The labret was a bit painful but nothing I couldn't handle. He cleaned off the markings and let me look. The pain was completely worth it. The piercing was beautiful and I was extremely pleased. It was then that I figured out what Jared was talking about when he men tioned my bottom lip being crooked. The vertical labret was completely even with my medusa but was not in the exact middle of my bottom lip. The center of my face, and thus the center of my philtrum, was not even with the center of my bottom lip. When he did my labret he made sure it was centered with my face and philtrum/medusa piercing and it looked much better this way. I'm glad I put my trust in him, I'm never disappointed. He made sure I was happy with the piercings and took me to the front for payment and aftercare.

As far as aftercare goes, I got the standard bag of sea salt with instructions on how to mix it and use it. I personally mix the salt and water in a cup, put the cup over the piercing, and tilt it so the piercing is covered in salt water for a few minutes. I do this in the morning and before bed. This has worked for me in the past and I am hoping it will continue to work. I have had my piercing for two days now and have had no major problems. Both the philtrum and vertical labret piercing swelled and grew tender but the swelling has subsided for the most part and the piercings aren't sore unless I play with the jewelry. It's a bit odd to feel a ball when I close my mouth while talking but I've already gotten used to having it there when my mouth is simply closed. At first smoking and drinking was a little awkward. I had to smoke from the side of my mouth and drank from the side of my mouth for the first few hours before deciding it would be okay to simply put the can/cup over the piercing. The only downside to doing this is that I've gotten diet coke on the piercing a few times and it concerns me. Eating was also a bit awkward. Things that can be broken into pieces are fine but stuff like pasta is weird. I'm a little concerned about stuff I have to bite off of, like a sandwich, but it seemed fine when I ate a candy bar in this manner. I was warned to be wary of accidently forking the piercing when eating with a fork. It seems silly but I'm sure I'll do it at least once. It has been two days since I got the piercings. When I saw Jared yesterday he said they looked fine. I had some crusty stuff on the bottom of the labret this morning but I'm not too concerned.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my vertical labret and elated to have such beautiful work done by a talented artist like Jared. I would recommend this piercing to anyone who wants it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jared
Studio: Evolved
Location: Columbus%2C+OH

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