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my new favorite piercing!

I had wanted a medusa/philtrum piercing for a couple of months. I was hesitant at first because I really like my mouth, especially the cupid's bow, and I really didn't want it to be off-center or have it swell up like crazy. I also wanted it to be perfectly dainty. I had a very particular image of how it would look--teeny and adorable. [I know, I sound crazy, but it's a piercing in the middle of your face! It should be perfect!] I also couldn't decide between getting a medusa and a madonna, but after the consultation of several friends, I decided finally that the medusa was the way to go. So when I finally decided it was time, I knew the only person I would trust was Roger Rabb!t at Prix. I've been to other piercers for more standard procedures, but I knew this was something I wanted to be done perfectly and he's done excellent work for me before [I went to him for my nipple piercings, and also for my VCH, and he was excellent]. I knew I was ready and grabbed my best friend a nd we headed over to Sunset Blvd.

Right when we walked in, Roger was at the desk and ready to discuss my piercing. He is incredibly professional time and time again. He greeted us cheerfully and asked what we were interested in getting. I told him that I wanted a very small, dainty philtrum piercing. He explained that he would pierce it at a 16g to minimize any potential scar tissue and presented me with literally hundreds of options for the ball that would sit on my lip. He even gave me tweezers and a mirror so that I could hold each one up to my face. He was patient while I painstakingly fished through the selection and encouraged me to discuss the options with my friend so we could decide how each looked. After narrowing it down to three and deliberating between them with my friend and Roger, I settled on a teeny, iridescent blurple ball. Finally, I made my selection and he set everything up while the girl at the front desk had me fill out all of the paper work, rang me up, and handed me a packet of sea sa lt and went over the directions for doing sea salt soaks.

After he finished autoclaving everything, I sat down and he explained everything he would be doing, every step he would take. He let my friend come into the room and stand with me so that I wouldn't be nervous. He spent a few minutes painstakingly placing his mark in the right spot, and consulted with my friend on what she thought about the placement. He had me sit normally and then had me smile so that he could make sure it would always be centered. He even recognized that the left side of my face is stronger--something I didn't even know!--and adjusted his mark to compensate for that. After the two of them agreed on the placement, he had me stand and look in the mirror to make sure I felt comfortable with the mark. After I smiled and made faces at myself to watch how it would move around, I plopped back down in the chair and mentally prepared myself for the pain. He talked me through each and every step, explaining not only exactly what he would be doing but also what kind
of sensations I could expect. He was very specific and knew to distinguish between pain and pressure. He even stopped to put on calming music so that I could relax--I'm very anxious in general and I had quickly gotten myself worked up. The last thing he did before making his final setup was to explain to me the breathing he would ask from me and why it was beneficial.

Finally, it was time for the actual piercing. He used clamps and even explained the pros and cons of piercing freehand vs. piercing with clamps but mentioned that since he wouldn't need to use too much pressure, clamps would ensure accuracy without causing too much swelling. He made his final arrangements and I focused on my breathing. The moment came for the needle to go through and he told me to take a deep, relaxing breath in, and then a slow breath out. The piercing itself wasn't even that painful--just a quick pinch. The rest was all slight pressure. He said he would use a 7/16" labret, but after putting it on, he decided it would be okay to use a slightly shorter bar since there wouldn't be too much swelling. He changed the jewelry, tightened it up, and I was done! There was no blood whatsoever--it was a perfectly easy piercing. It was exactly what I had hoped for. Afterward, he explained exactly how to take care of it and made sure that I understood. He said I could ea t whatever I wanted but that it might be better to take smaller bites, if I wanted to clean it, it was as simple as brushing my teeth since the foam would just swoosh in and clean it right up, and that I shouldn't touch it but that I could clean off crusties. Basically the less I left it alone, the better it would be. He did mention that it should be fine to change in about two and a half weeks and that around the third day I should expect some slight swelling, but that it would be minor and would go down in a few days.

Three days later and he was totally right about the swelling. It's really minor and no one notices it but me. I like to ice it when I wake up just to calm the swelling from sleeping. It's incredibly adorable and I've already gotten compliments for it! I had my apprehensions about whether it would suit my face and Roger assured me that it would. He was right, it's subtle and dainty, just like I wanted.The whole process was wonderful, I couldn't have been more pleased! Roger did another beautiful job and I definitely highly recommend him to anyone in the Los Angeles area who wants a real professionally done piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Roger+Rabb%21t
Studio: Prix
Location: Los+Angeles

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