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My lip scalpelling

Well it first started when I saw some of these large labrets and I decided I wanted one so bad. I researched it for ages I finally decided to have it scalpelled so it wouldn't take long instead of stretching it and so on. I spoke to a guy I'd heard about called Quentin Inglis from Kalima. He's a really nice guy and I spoke to him at least once a week for a long time and got to know him and he got to know me. I asked loads of things then finally he said come down and see him.

I spoke to my parents and they didn't really want me to have it done but hey I'm 18 so I can do what I like with in reason, I spoke to my dad in London and asked if there was any possibility he could take me down to Worthing to go into the Kalima piercing studio. He finally agreed after loads of persuasion, so the week came round to go and visit Quentin but something happened to my grand dad and he had a brain haemorrhage so my dad had to go and visit him and I couldn't make it down to Worthing.

2 weeks later on the 15th of November 2009 I went down to my dads house in London and stayed there, then on the 17th we travelled down to Worthing to Kalima. On the journey down I was so nervous, I almost pulled out of doing the procedure. 2 weeks before I didn't feel this nervous about getting it done, I was fine but this time something felt very different. So In the van on the way there my dad's advice, apart from don't have it done, was to breath deeply and hold my breath in for 20 seconds and then release my breath. This helped a lot so if any one out there is reading this and is going for a procedure, do this technique. Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for about 10 second and breath out through your mouth. Do this until you can hold your breath for 20 seconds. Do this over and over and you will feel your self getting calmer. Research deep abdominal breathing, I'm sure its all over the net.

So we arrived at Kalima after getting lost for 20 minutes, walked in and Quentin was busy doing a piercing, so while I waited I carried on doing the breathing thing, which helps a lot by the way, after Quentin had finished doing the piercing he came through and greeted me and asked if I would like a cup of tea, after chatting about a load of random stuff. We decided to go with a 12mm instead of the big 16mm I originally indented. After that Quentin discussed the concerns that my dad was having about it all, he talked about the possibility of the labret rubbing on my lower front gums and how my teeth could fall out, and my dad was concerned about me getting a job with the way I looked (which I now have. All be it at a factory but never the less) my dad was impressed with how conscientious Quentin was with discussing the whole process with his clients having particular piercings.

We then went in to the piercing room and Quentin started to mark me up. His marking technique is very precise, marking it by the millimetre. He's very particular on getting the exact point we both thought was best. At this point I was quite relaxed, something about Quentin just made me feel at ease. After deciding I liked where it was marked, I laid down on the piercing bench. He told me he wouldn't do anything with out telling me. He clamped me up, which felt like the point of no return. he got the assistant to hold the clamps and I was ready to be raped in the face with a scalpel! Although this was a rape with little resistance, a face rape that was not against my will.

He got the scalpel out and told me he was going to do the first cut. I felt it go in and it was like a hot sensation but it didn't hurt to much. Then I felt him cutting along the line of my lip like a skilled surgeon although for a split second it felt the wrathful blade of kali severing a part of my face. The blood began to poor out of my mouth, running down the side of my neck and face. My legs were twitching a bit as the last little part he cut hurt the most. He then inserted the taper which he said would feel like a stretch but I didn't feel like that, it was the least painful bit. He then put the labret plug in and cleaned me up. I had a look at it in the mirror and was so happy I got it done although my bottom lip was starting to swell like an excited penis at a porno fest but with not quite so much pleasure. Ha ha

Quentin gave me a pack that had sea salt, arnica tablets and a leaflet on how to keep clean and stuff. After taking photos of us all we left. The whole procedure for me went really well and wasn't to bad on the pain side of things. About a week later the swelling went right down and my lip was feeling loads better, the arnica helped. I rang Quentin 3 weeks later and asked when it was appropriate to stretch it and wear an oval. He said it was fine to do so as long as it felt comfortable, so now I am buying some oval labrets for Christmas :)

Sonny brown


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Quentin+Inglis
Studio: kalima
Location: worthing+uk

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