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Bad Labret experience

Well, I've been wanting to get a labret for years now and finally did it but first I'll tell you how we found the tattoo shop we went to- My fiancé and I heard of this shop the day before Halloween was having $13 dollar piercings. We were very skeptical of this place at first. So we said what the heck we'll go and if it's a hole in the wall, we'll leave. So my fiancé's friend was waiting for a couple of hours when we got there. First impression, It was a nice and clean shop! I'm not new to the scene so I know what to look out for. Anyways, we didn't have to wait long at all. My fiancé' got her belly button re pierced and I got both my nipples done. Jeremiah pierced both of us and took his time not rushing us out the door . On his wall were certificates of the city's training on blood born pathogens and so forth dated back to 2003, so that made me feel he has some experience under his belt. He actually corrected and made sure her barbell was nice and straight. As far a s my nipples went, it was a different experience for sure. At first he was honest and said my nipples are flat and I shouldn't have them pierced, my jaw dropped! I had my heart set on it! He asked if I wanted anything else pierced and I was frustrated! I looked at fiancé' (Rachel) and asked what to do. So she said get those nipples pierced. So guess what, I did it. It did indeed hurt a bit , but Jeremiah said I took it well and mentioned that most of the guys scream. He asked me to drop by the shop every 2 weeks to make sure they are not migrating out. It's been over a month and their healing great!

Onto the real story! I've done a lot of research years ago about all the bad things that can go wrong while wearing a labret. The horrible pictures of peoples gums eroding are what really do justice. So last week (the day before Thanksgiving) I called Good life Tattoo the same shop that we went to before and asked how much and if they could do it that day and of course they said come on in. Got there and the other piercer Allison was there , Jeremiah was not there. So, I said I'm the one who called earlier and so forth. So we do the typical paper work , get out the license, and then she went very carefully over the aftercare sheet with me. So next, we head back to the piercing room. Of course its nice and spotless and has that nice clean smell. Rachel takes a seat and I get on the padded chair that folds. She gets out all the necessary supplies and items she needs. They had about a whole wall full of different cbr's, barbells, you name it and everything w as organized and labeled . Allison had me mouth wash and cleaned the outside of my mouth then poured a little bit of dye out to mark me. She used a tooth pick to apply the little dot. She said go check it out in the mirror and I was like whoa that's too high. She said a lot of people get it pierced there so they can wear a ring. No big deal I told her I wanted it where a normal labret goes. She gets really close to my face with the tooth pick concentrating on getting it close to perfect in the center as possible. After she marked it again, looked in the mirror- yes, that's perfect! Hop up back onto the chair and she actually dried off the inside of my lip and marked the inside and explained to me that's why some peoples gums and teeth get messed up because the backing of the stud is crooked when its pierced . So by now, I really trusted Allison to poke my lip with a needle. Now was the time, clamped me- breath in ,breathe out , poke. I honestly have to say plucking a
hair feels more uncomfortable. It really was the most painless piercing I've ever had done. Looked in the mirror and was so happy. She did a beautiful job and the backing was flush with the inside of my lip. After it was done I asked her about ear blowout. My right ear had just a tiny bit. So, once again Allison surprised me with couple of tips that helped me.

As soon as we were leaving just by moving my mouth I could feel the disc backing slide over my gum onto my teeth repeatedly. When we got home I was so freaking happy! So I carefully gave Rachel a kiss and still managed to bump the long stud on her face which didn't feel so nice. All night long I kept feeling that disc on my gum annoying the hell out of me. So, the next morning I wake up look in the mirror and have this huge crust of dried blood on it and on the inside of my mouth the disc looks like it got pulled and tore just a tiny bit but it was just a little red. So I used warm water to remove the blood crust and then do the H20 spray and finally brush & mouth wash. Thanksgiving diner- eating with the long stud was a real pain. Every time you move your mouth too much the stud goes in and the backing goes over your bottom teeth. Moving on, each day was starting to feel the same with always constantly being reminded that the disc was rubbing my gums and teet h and finally not even being able to kiss Rachel. At this point I was getting really mad and frustrated. So I started doing more research on different jewelry and options. I came upon bioplast jewelry which I think is an awesome idea and was going to buy that after this mile long stud healed. I think it was 3 days after Thanksgiving I knew the labret stud was coming out.

I am very paranoid about my teeth getting messed up and I knew this piercing was not going to do me any good in the long wrong. I literally felt my whole mouth naturally move to an angle that would minimize the contact between the disc and my gum. I also had a constant fear of someone accidentally smacking my stud and cracking or shattering my teeth. I then looked at pictures and read stories of peoples gums eroding so much there two bottom teeth fall out and they have to have $8000 worth of gum implants and dental work. So, within 6 days of the piercing I took the labret stud out and it felt like a million dollars!

So basically I advise if you like your teeth/ gums don't get a labret piercing. I think A ring is much better. All of the issues I had of constant annoyance, feeling that backing on my gum, gums fading away, constant fear of the stud knocking out teeth was just enough ! One last piece of advice, even with tight fitting jewelry and wearing bioplast- it may not be metal but its something always rubbing your gum. The plastic may minimize erosion but it defiantly does not eliminate it! Thank you for reading my story and I hope I help peoples decisions on getting their labret pierced. I plan on getting eyebrow done again, septum, and maybe something else.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Allison
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