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My New Piercing

About 3 years ago, I knew I had a love for piercings. At 13, I loved tattoos, 14, scarification, implants.. awesome.. At 15, now, I would love to be part of the body modification world.

Looking through pictures on "Extreme Body Mods" I came across a picture of a smiley, Instantly, I was in love.

I loved the idea of it being near enough hidden, unless you smile or laugh.. Your little secret piercing.. I was desperate for one.

Having had 3 piercing kits before, I rathered someone with more experience than a 15 year old to do it.

Begging my mum for one, she settled on a Monroe.. But I never wanted that, I wanted a scrumper/smiley.

Talking to my dad about it, he wasn't sure.. But said he would take me to get it done. I screamed and hugged him tightly.. He said he would take me in a month..

Three weeks went by very slowly, each day dragging, each day full of saving more and more pictures and reading experiences on them. I knew everything about it. Then on the 28th Of November, when my dad was half way to the building I take guitar lessons in, he took a wrong turn.. I asked where we were going, I got told it was a surprise.

He parked the car in a space, and we walked up a steep hill. AT the top of this hill, we took a right and he stopped outside MetalWorks, and walked inside.

This is where Yvonne's assistant came out and my dad said exactly these words

"She's wanting her top web done.. She calls it a smiley"

The lady corrected him and said that it was a smiley, me and my dad signed the paper work while Yvonne cleaned the equipment and I walked into the small white super clean room, with needles and clamps and gloves and trays, I couldn't wait.

I sat down on the chair as Yvonne sprayed two cotton buds with a numbing spray, and placed them either side of my web,

"You may feel a hot tingling sensation"

That I did. But it felt amazing knowing I was 2 minutes away from having a scrumper. She held them for a good 30 seconds then took her hand away, the cotton buds were still there, attached to my dry web, she was holding up my lip when she took the buds away and counted down..

3.. 2.. 1..

The needle was in.

It was painless. Not even a nip.

It was a slight pressure when the needle was cut, hardly anything.

I could also feel her putting in the jewellery.

She checked everything was fine then said she was going to put the ball in..

This took about 5 minutes, slight tugging on the web was felt, and when the ball was in, it made a mighty CLICK.

Once it was done I shot her a huge cheesy smile. Lovely she said, go check it out.

I jumped off the chair and went over to the big mirror and smiled, and smiled, and smiled, did a growling face for a second, then smiled and smiled. Dad asked me to turn round and show him, he also got shot with a huge cheesy smile.

Awesome! He said, he loved it as well.

Yvonne talked about caring for it. I took it all in although I already knew it.

Today is my second day with it and I love it. I smile allot more and get allot of compliments about it.

I love the fact that I can walk about town without anyone knowing about it.

Everyone asked how sore it was.. Honestly? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the sorest, its a 0.5 .. I haven't seen allot of people with it at all.. Its unique. Your probably reading these to find out how sore it is.. Its really nothing, my ears were allot sorer, not even a sting, but then again Yvonne numbed it. I really wouldn't recommend doing it yourself. My jewellery is a 1.2 .. Ill have to up size it once its healed so that it lasts longer. I've heard that it "falls out" after a month? I don't think it does.. My friends had hers for 3 years, but I don't know. I wash it with salt water 3x a day.. Eating with it is a doddle, its tucked away nicely. Kissing is a bit.. weird, your not supposed to kiss until its healed, so ill have my boyfriend deprived for the 2 weeks it takes to heal. I really would recommend getting this, not just for the sake of another piercing, but because you really do like it, and want it for its uniqueness. I guarantee, you'll love it.

My little 25 pound secret.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Yvonne+Smith
Studio: MetalWorkz
Location: Paisley

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