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my first true love - homemade spiderbites!

The first time I saw snakebites I was about thirteen (I think!!) and at first I thought "ewww, gross that must have been so painful!" but as I started to see more and more of them I began to think "hmmm, maybe they're not so bad, maybe they're cool" then I actually began to really like them. However I always wanted original piercings and snakebites (where I live anyway) were really common. So when I was doing more research on the internet and I came across spiderbites I instantly fell in love with them.

I am only fifteen so I need parental consent for any piercings until I reach sixteen. It took me a while to get up the courage to ask (and by ask I mean beg) my mother for the snakebites. She is against all piercings except the run of the mill ear lobes gunned in Claires Accessories (I know I know but at the age of six I knew nothing about how bad piercing guns are and how they shouldn't be used as a piercing tool) so I was really nervous. I had already aproached her recently for a second set of holes in my lobes and got a flat out "no" as an answer. When I finally broached the subject I was given the standard "why in the world would you want that? what if you got an infection? if you wait til you're sixteen you can have whatever piercing you want. blah blah blah". So I left it at that. A while later I sarted the begging again. I eventually got the hesitant okay. Yay!! No going back now.

My best friend Ben is really interested in body modification and was looking into a career as a proffesional piercer (he has just gotten an aprenticeship). When I told him what I wanted he begged me to let him do it. He had lots of piercings (a scaffold in his left ear, snakebites, tragus, flesh holed in both ears dont know what size, that thing at the back of your neck and two eyebrow piercings and a few more on his ear but I dont know what they're called) most of which he'd done himself so I felt comfortable agreeing to this.

He said he'd get all the equiptment and we agreed to do it that saturday. I went over to his house and I was really nervous, what if it was really painful, what if my mother was right and I did get an infection? He put a spongebob cartoon on to lighten the mood and told me to relax. He used a clamp thingy that, despite what everyone tells you does not hurt at all, and told me to close my eyes. I did. He counted to three and one two three he pierced me. "Oh, is that it?" The first hole was officially done. Yay! He put the jewellery through which hurt the most but was bearable. He asked me if I wanted to do the second hole that day or wait a while. I wanted it there and then. He repeated the whole procedure with a little more pain but only because my lip was a bit raw from the first piercing. Again, putting the jewellery in was more painful.

I love my spiderbites so much and now I think I want a scaffold piercing but I'll probably wait until I'm sixteen so my mother cant say anything. The pain of the clamping was like zero out of ten, the pain of the needle going through was about a two for the first one a three of four for the second and putting the jewellery through was like a five. So not bad at all. And thats coming from someone with a very low pain threshhold. If you want this piercing then you should definately go for it because although some people think its ugly and disgusting its about how you want your body to be. It is so worth it after its been done.

For aftercare I've been gargaling with salt water after i get up afer every meal and after every drink thats not water and before I go to bed. No trouble so far. Yay! I had a little trouble eating the first night so I just had soup but after that it was fine. Good luck.

Just incase heres a list of tips on how to persaude your parents:

-Tell them they have the right to say no as long as they listen to your points first of all.

-Tell them you will pay for it.

-Birthday or christmas coming up? Even better. That could be your pressie!

-If you get good grades or get good exam results that could be your reward.

-Take responsibility. Offer to babysit your kid brother or sister. Clean the house without being forced to.

-Keep asking but each time they say no dont get frustrated with them you will not look responsible.

-Research fully if they finally agree and you back out you will look very childish.

-Dont give up!


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on: 08 Dec. 2009
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