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DIY Lip Piercing

About a month ago, I was in my room researching every story, tip, warning, etc. about lip piercings that you could imagine! I was also thinking about how I have wanted one for so long and how my parents would NEVER let me get it done because I already had my nose pierced. Then I decided that I knew enough about the piercing to do it myself without it getting infected and that I was going to get my lip pierced no matter what.

I didn't have a proper needle or lip piercing, just a regular nose piercing and sewing needle, but I didn't care. I put the needle and nose piercing in rubbing alcohol and let it soak until the night. When I was finally convinced that no germs were left on anything, I got ready. I chose the spot where I wanted my piercing to be, making sure that no veins were in the way. Then, I washed my hands with hot water and soap, put on latex gloves, cleaned my lip (inside and outside) with more rubbing alcohol and a piercing spray called H20cean, and sprayed a medical-grade topical anesthetic all over my lip. I waited for my lip to get numb and then I started pushing the needle into the spot where I wanted the piercing to be. I didn't feel a thing so I kept going and eventually, the needle was all the way through! It took a long time to get the piercing in because I kept losing the hole and had to pierce it over and over again.

In the morning, I woke up and saw that the piercing fell out because it was a proper piercing. So I asked my friend to bring me a hollow needle and a lip ring. I once again soaked the needle and lip ring in the rubbing alcohol, washed my hands, put on gloves, and cleaned and numbed my lip. I positioned the hollow needle where the existing hole already was and I started pushing. It took less then a minute to have the needle in! I left the needle in my lip for a few minutes to ensure that the hole wouldn't automatically close. I finally put the ring in and removed the needle. I was so happy that I had my lip pierced and that there was no pain!

To keep my piercing hidden from my parents, I would keep the ring in during school and at night but I would take it out in the afternoons. There was almost no pain in inserting the jewelry over and over again! A thin layer of skin grows over the hole very fast but it gets broken immediately when you put the ring in. The ring just slips into place because the inside of my lip still had the hole. Eventually, they noticed the hole and asked why I tried to pierce my lip but they didn't get mad because they thought that the needle didn't go through my lip all the way. My parents still don't know that I put the ring in.

Currently, my piercing is fine. Taking the ring in and out has slowed down the healing process but that's it. It did have a little pus and it swelled up the first day but those are all normal things for lip piercings.

I just want to say that your best bet is to get your lip pierced by a professional body piercer. They have probably done this piercing hundreds of times so therefore, they know what to do and how to do it correctly. Even if you do everything I did, you could still hit a blood vessel or get an infection and cause serious damage to yourself. However, if you are still going to pierce your lip yourself, don't use a sewing needle or nose piercing like I did! Buy a sterilized piercing needle and a proper lip piercing! Using latex gloves and rubbing alcohol is a smart idea too. If you don't have rubbing alcohol, don't burn the needle or use regular alcohol. Boil the needle in water for about 20 minutes and remove it carefully, making sure that it does not get contaminated at all, or wait until you get rubbing alcohol. Also do not clean your new piercing with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as they lengthen the time the piercing takes to heal because they damage the healthy cells. Resea rch everything you can about lip piercings! Use the Internet or read books but don't just break out a needle and start stabbing your lip! I was really stupid in piercing myself but I am so glad I did it because I love having my lip pierced.

So that's my story! I hope it helped but you can contact me if you have any further questions!


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on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Monday, May 23, 2011 @4:01 p.m.
I would just like to say pus is not normal for any piercing..

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