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I am currently an apprentice at Ink Kandy Tattoo in Hollywood, CA, Chris Saint is my mentor. I had been wanting my cheeks pierced for a few months, I had asked Chris if he would want to do them for me, he agreed. I was extremely hesitant about the idea, but he said whenever I want them to let him know and we will do it.

So a few weeks had passed and I came out and said "okay let's do it!"

I set up for the procedure, obviously because I'm his apprentice, I had never seen them be done before, so I was curious about the set up. My cheeks were done with PTFE, something that Chris and I chose together specifically due to the fact that my body reacts to body modifications by swelling more than average(PTFE is a 14g nylon like insert that can be cut and sized to each individual. The reason why we use PTFE is its self threading and that way we can keep cutting it down as it heals, without removing the entire piece, thus causing less trauma. It is also bio-compatible and flexible).

I finished setting up, and then we spent around fifteen to twenty minutes marking it out, making sure that it was not only where I wanted them, but that it was going to be healthy and comfortable. He got me happy with one mark and then we both discussed matching the other side, he also let me try to match it. It was a team effort, we made sure that it was perfect.

Then he asked me if I was ready, I said yes, he approached me with the forceps (except for cheeks and a few other body parts, he does free handed piercing without forceps,even with the forceps he was extremely gentle, I did not even know they were there) and the needle (which he had hidden in his hands, something he does if your uncomfortable with seeing it, like I am).

He then said "open your mouth for me" which I did, he then lightly put the forceps in place, and asked me if I was okay, and if I was ready. I quickly replied with "NO", grabbed his hands, and began to pull away. He giggled and said whenever you are ready let me know, there is no rush take your time, we have all day.

We made a few more attempts that failed just as miserably as the first one, at this time forty-five minutes had passed, I was getting restless, but he was calm and collected. I started to settle down and he began to tell me that I do not have to do it, there is nothing wrong with backing out, which calmed my nerves (because I was honestly thinking about it at this point).

Finally, I said "I'm ready" he rubbed my arm and said your going to be okay, he began to pick up the forceps and needle and we started up again. He talked me through the whole process, he informed me of when the needle was going to start going through, and when it was in, and he talked me through the jewelry transfer.

He left the PTFE very long and did not put the balls on the outside, he did this because he wanted to see how much I was going to swell and then cut it down and leave room, we let them just chill out after the procedure without putting the balls on for about five minutes. After I was done swelling we put the balls on the outside and it fit amazing. The jewelry looks like a straight barbell with a ball on each end.

It has been about a month and a half and they have been trimmed down twice, I am very happy with my end result. I could not be more pleased. I am not going to sugar coat it, the healing process with cheeks is longer than normal and they are very unpleasant for the first few days, I used very watered down mouth wash if I used mouth wash at all, and I used anti- bacterial soap two to three times a day on the outside around the piercings. I was very gentle, I did not touch them or let anyone else touch them, or put make up anywhere near them.

All in all it was the best piercing experience I have ever had, he is now the only person I will go to, to have work done. The shop has a no pressure environment, at no point did I worry about something being done that I was not comfortable with. I am constantly complimented on my cheeks and questioned on the process, they are almost always a conversation starter.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Chris+Saint
Studio: Ink+Kandy+Tattoo
Location: Hollywood%2C+CA

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