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My snakebite lip piercings!

I started liking the idea of 'possibly' getting a piercing... I thought the septum and lip were cool but decided that lip was the one I liked the most. I'd check out the BME website from time to time and decided I really wanted to get my lip pierced on the side. I had talked about it with one of my best friends who had had a lip piercing before; which he later took off and closed up, but he said he wanted to get it re-pierced. I thought, great! We can go together one of these days and check it out!

So one night I call him up and ask if he wants to go! We went to a well known place in town (Sakura Tattoo Parlor) and asked for the price of lip piercing, it was a good price so we decided to go for it. The guy asked for our IDs, made us read a disclaimer and other info. and sign. He then took a few minutes to

set up and asked "ok, who's first?" I had no idea what to expect, it was my first piercing ever, but I decided to go first because I thought if I went second I might get a little nervous and perhaps chicken out.

The guy made conversation, he seemed friendly. He followed proper procedure: used gloves, cleaned the area, marked it, asked me if it was ok there and I said yes. Then I told him... "I hate blood, it freaks me out and if I see any I might faint"... he said... "Don't worry; it doesn't hurt as much as you might think." So he clamps my lips and says "take a deep breath... let it out" and GUAM!, he pulls the needle through my lip. I was surprised of how pain free this was. I just felt weight on my lip, I wasn't used to it. He then closed the ring and I was good to go! I loveddddd my piercing! :D My friend went next, he was way more nervous than I was!

About a month later I decided I wanted to get snakebites (my other side pierced too). I went to the same place and to my surprise they had closed down, apparently another business bought them and they moved location. I found the new location; it had a new name (Mad Love Tattoos) and owners. Not exactly what I wanted to find out :/ oh well... I ask how much they charge for the lip piercing, and the girl there says "oh I'm sorry, we are not doing piercings until a month when we get our permit" I thought "ughh great!!!" I went to 2 other places and one of them wasn't doing piercings either, and the last one didn't use rings as the initial jewelry, it had to be a stud and I didn't want that... stubborn?, maybe.

So I wait... but then one day I decide to try going out of town to get it. I go to this place where it's double the price, but I wanted it so bad that didn't care much about the price. The guy was very clean and careful, he did the whole "take a deep breath, let it out" deal, didn't hurt either. Sad part is that I ended up not liking the placement of it and decided to take it off. I didn't take the time to make sure it was where I wanted it. If you are getting snakebites MAKE SURE you take your time deciding where you want your piercings, don't be embarrassed or nervous about taking your time! The piercer shouldn't mind and if he/she does, get the hell out of there! I waited about another month and still none of the local places were able to help me, they still didn't have their permits... what the hell???

One day I hear on the radio about this new "tattoo shop" in town (Kool Kats Tattoos). I drive by the same day and see that it's a tiny place, but I thought... "Well, just because it's small doesn't necessarily mean it's bad... and besides... if they took the time/money to advertise on the radio, should be decent, no?" boy was I wrong! I drag my friend to it. I was nervous... not about the pain but more about getting it right this time and about the tattoo shop itself since I had no reference about them.

I go in and there's a guy on a computer. Hint #2 that it's not such a great place: After a FEW SECONDS he says "can I help you?" I ask if they do lip piercings, he says "yes." A second guy comes and takes over. Hint #3: He had sunglasses on. I thought that was kind of rude... I don't know. So I tell him about my situation, "I want a piercing on my right side of my lip to have snakebites.... I had it done before but didn't like the placement and took it off."

Then I ask "what procedure do you use?" I was hoping to get a run-down of what he does, try to see how helpful and perhaps experienced he was, instead I get a "ummm... clamps? needle?" <--- hint #4 tsk tsk. "Well... how much experience do you have doing piercings? I mean, I'm just worried about the placement, I want them to be symmetrical this time." He calls up another guy, the guy that was going to do the piercing. Great! I have to explain myself again... I tell him I want symmetrical snakebites. He says "oh... umm... we don't do those types of piercings." "What?... it's a regular lip piercing, it's just called snakebites because there's 2." He goes "ohhh... yeah.... yeah we do" :S

I ask him if he uses lip ring or stud. He says "this is our jewelry selection" and points to the counter where they have very limited jewelry. "Well... I was hoping to get a lip ring, like with my first piercing, is that okay or would that be a problem?... I even have the rings if you don't have any" He tells me "oh great! yeah it's okay.. I'll charge you $10 if you already have the jewelry" I thought "great! only $10 bucks!" I think about it for a few seconds and decide to go for it.

They start prepping on the side where I couldn't see what they were doing. The guy calls me over. He looks at my lip and says "oh, you have the mark of the previous one, I don't even have to mark it" and starts getting the clamps. I'm in disbelief... did he not listen to anything I had said before???? I tell him "NO!!! I obviously don't want it in the same place since it's not where I want it!!!"

He says "oh...." and marks a spot with a regular blue pen!!! He doesn't even ask me if I'm happy with the placement, doesn't provide a mirror for me to check either, if it hadn't been for my previous experience, he would have just done it without even consulting with me, grrr!!!!!!!!!!

I tell him "WAIT!!! I want to see where it is" (I mean hello!!!! I just told him I'm worried about them being even). I go to the mirror and decide NOPE that's' not the place... I ask him for the damn pen to mark it myself... I mark the spot... stare at if for a few seconds... do it again about 3 times asking my friend for his opinion... the guy seemed to be a little impatient but honestly I didn't care. I finally decide on a spot... and tell him "there! I want it exactly there."

I sit down... he clamps my lips, grabs the needle and pulls it through...wtf??? He didn't clean the area, didn't make me rinse my mouth with mouthwash, didn't sterilize my jewelry, didn't say "take a deep breath, let it out" NOTHING!!!!!! This time it was ALOT more painful, it bleed (first time ever), he grabbed a napkin and removed the blood. Closing the damn ring was another horrific experience... he couldn't do it... he pinched my lip a couple of times and the pliers slipped once, ouch!

Of course he did not ask for my ID, didn't make me read/sign anything, and the only after care instructions he gave me was "rinse with mouthwash 3 times a day." I was "lucky" he even used gloves and a sealed new needle! worse lip piercing experience I ever had! wouldn't recommend going there not even to my worst enemy!!!

If you are getting a piercing (whichever it might be) MAKE SURE they ask for ID, give you a disclaimer form to sign, aftercare instructions, answer all your questions, seem friendly/knowledgeable/experienced, use proper procedure and new/sealed needles!!! I know you might think "well if they don't ID me that's even better" but trust me, it just shows what kind of shop they are and their compliance with proper piercing practices!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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