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Reincarnation or Reiteration?

For a long time I had been wanting to get some piercings. Maybe it was just wanting to be different, maybe it was a subconscious cry to suburban America "I'm different, so DEAL WITH IT!", right now I lean more towards "I can do it because I pay my taxes like you pay yours...".

The first piercings I ever had I did myself. At the time, I was 13 - 14 years old, and angsty to boot. If I decided I wanted something, I did it. Simple as that... So one day after much consideration I decided I wanted my lip pierced. This had dawned on me while I was at school, and being the type of kid that I was, I pulled out a safety pin and a lighter (Yes, I know, VERY far from sanitary) and decided to go to work. Sitting in the gym in that school, I heated up the pin to a red hot, and as a crowd was gathering I asked for a compact mirror and a pen. I marked my lip in the mirror while one of my friends held it and carefully yet swiftly, shoved the hot metal through my lip. It wasn't my first hasty piercing, but it was toward the end of things(thank [insert deity name here]). Long story short, to this day that is how people remembered me. I was sent home from school and was asked to go to counseling for mutilation, the upside to this is, it was a ghetto school and I was t he white kid that no one wanted to snap on them (the advantages of being a goth, eh rolls eyes ?).

Five years afterward I still remember my dad cutting the thing out with wire cutters.

I had recently lost my job at a fast food place, so I took that opportunity to reassess my life and where it was going. Eventually I got a job at a local tele-marketing agency. While it is FAR from being a "comfy" job, it does allow certain means of expression to be employed. Thus came my desire to get more holes. I had already gotten a tattoo and both of my ears (The not so bad DIY situations), and I was craving more, so given my past experiences, the labret was my next logical step.

Within the past couple of months I had befriended the piercer up at Body Matrix and couldn't help but let the childish fantasy of having a labret piercing play over and over in my head. Finally, I decided to go get it done.

I had been to Body Matrix before, got my first tattoo there, and seeing as how the piercer has the Guiness record of most piercings in a single sitting (2,507 in 6 hours and 15 minutes), I felt I had found a very experienced piercer that I could trust to give me the best service for the cost. So, I went in and talked with Jay a bit. He got me my papers and I handed over my ID. Checked the paperwork over (Nope, I don't have AIDS, Hep, or other blood bourne illnesses, thanks for making sure though ^_^), signed the appropriate spots and then sat down in the chair. Pretty standard procedures. Mark, explain, check marks, clamp, breathe in, out, pop, un-clamp, thread jewelry into needle, slide in jewelry, affix jewelry, and presto! That took less time to do than to explain!

Very smooth as far as the healing went, only problems I had was eating for a day or two (it wasn't unbearable, just a little tender). Non-alcohol mouthwash and a hiatus from bodily fluids (Sorry baby girl, I cant do THAT tonight) and it was a very nice process.

After it had healed I tried swapping for a ring for a while, and it just inflamed it to the point that it felt like I had just gotten it done, not to mention that It had to LITERALLY heal again. I found out I like the stud better, and being employed as a tele-marketer that ring was a COMPLETE pain. I would definitely suggest the piercing to anyone wanting it done, but I do suggest a stud instead of a ring for the COMPLETE healing process and a little longer as well. You can put that ring in there when you have that firm tissue that can be beaten around a bit more.

Next, story of mine will be the eyebrow I got, and the industrial.

P.S. I try not to write about them too soon, so that way I can have a better idea on the healing times and such.

P.P.S. To the angsty kids on the internet, just wait and get it done professionally. It WILL be worth the wait. While I didn't end up with a serious infection from my DIY adventures, that doesn't mean that you won't. If I would have known then things that I know now (such as diseases and those blood bourne illnesses I was mentioning earlier) I probably wouldn't have done it myself at all, let alone in a school gym.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Body+Matrix%2C+Inc
Location: Bemidji%2C+MN

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