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My Long Awaited Spider Bites

I have always had a fascination in piercing, ever since I seen my first piercing. I loved it I know one day I'd have many of them. Ever since I was little my dad has been trying to get my mom to let me get my ears pierced. But, my mom has never liked piercing. The only piercing she liked was an ear piercing. But, only on girls. She always said, "Not for guys."

So, one day my 6th grade year I went up to my mom and asked her if I could get my ears pierced. Well it took her awhile but, she said yes. I got those and double piercings on both side. All gauges, my mom hated my gauges. I got up to about a seven sixteenths. My favorite piercing has always been lip. I loved spider bites. But, then Me and my mom met in the middle, I told her I'd take my gauges out, only if she'd let me get my lip pierced.

Finally after about a month or so she agreed. A week or so after she said yes, so we went and picked up my best friend at the time Madison. Me and her were pretty much always together. Then, we went down to Ace High Tattoo and told him what I wanted. Did all the paper work and everything. While she did that I was outside of the tattoo parlor with my best friend Madison. Like about 10 minutes later, the piercer Nick came out and told me he was ready. So Me, Madison, my mom, and my step dad went in to get it done. Right about this time was when I started to get nervous. My stomach got weak.

So, I go sit down in the chair like he said and while I go do that he gets all the tools, like the clamp, needle, studs, and everything else. Then he cleans my lip off, and asks what side i wanted it on. I am super indecisive. So, I turn around and ask Madison, i asked, "what side do you think I should get it on?" She replies with, "I think it would look better on the left." So I turn back around to tell him left, and then he marks my lip, I loved where it was at. I sat down, as he was getting a rubber band to tie around the clamp. Then he picks up the clamp and says open up. So I opened my mouth and he clamped my lip, that was painless. But, then the part that terrified me the needle. I was so scared. I closed my eyes thinking here is where all the pain comes. WRONG. The needle was painless. The only part hurt was putting in the stud. It did not hurt that bad though.

Well, I got my first one, but for some reason I just wasn't satisfied with one. I wanted more and more. I let my first one heal. Then I went to ask my mom. I said "mom can I get my lip pierced again?" She then replied, "Are you crazy?" After a whole lot of nagging I finally got her to take me, well my dad took me. I kind of knew what to expect.

But, I heard the second one hurt more. So, yet again I was nervous. Like ten times more nervous then the first time. We walked in and told him what I wanted. My dad filled out the paperwork, and everything. Knowing what to do I went to go sit down, while he was getting all the equipment ready.

About a minute or so later, he clamps my lip. Expecting the worse, I shut my eyes again. He clamps my lip, yet again super easy, not painful at all. Then the needle, yet again I was terrified. I was pretty much shaking. I was scared to death of needles. He took the needle, and shoved it through my lip. After that I thought OUCH!

That one hurt.

But not too bad, the pain is tolerable. I think my second ear piercings hurt worse then my lip piercings, but I got them with 12 or 10 gauges. I forgot. So, it looked amazing, I loved it. I told my self that i would never ever ever take out my lip rings. I loved them so much. anyway, I think that all the nagging , and pleading was worth it. I loved my piercing. Healed perfect with no trouble what so ever. So if you want your lip pierced, just go do it, it is super painless. Except spider bites. They hurt just a bit. But, yeah if anything, just do not be nervous. It really is painless, and does not hurt one bit more then one single lip piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: nick
Studio: ace+high+tattoo
Location: knoxville%2Ctennessee

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