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My amazing medusaaa!

So I had known for a year or so I wanted some kind of oral piercing, and I knew my mom wouldn't let me get my tongue pierced, so I had to choose a lip piercing. At first, I was really into just a classic off-center piercing, on the right side. After I thought about it more, I decided I wanted a bit of a classier, less edgy location. I thought about it and became dead-set on getting a monroe. They are so pretty and classy, yet still edgy. After a couple of months of knowing I wanted a monroe, I told my mom and she said we'd go in a week or so. I spent 3 days straight obsessing over lip piercings and looking them up on youtube and google.

It was then I came across a piercing I had seen pictures of and heard about a little, but never really looked into: the medusa piercing! I had always thought it was a really cool and unique placement, but never thought I could pull it off. I ended up looking up many different pictures and placements of the medusa (yes, there is more than one placement) and became more and more interested in it. I still wasn't sure it was what I wanted, but for the most part, the pictures I had seen looked really cool unique. I told a few of my friends I was thinking about getting it done, and they freaked out,

saying it would look awful. I didn't let it really affect my opinion, I just wanted to see what they thought.

After looking at many pictures and videos, I decided that's the piercing I wanted. (I never considered a labret because I just never wanted when. I love them, but it's just not for me.) So when my mom and I went, I told the piercer I wanted a medusa, he sat me in the chair and told us all about gum erosion. This is where my mom started to freak out, as she is quite panicky. He said that if my long jewelry was left in too long this increased gum irritation, and that shorter jewelry should be put in 3-4 weeks later. I was starting to worry she was going to pull me out of the chair and barge out, but the piercer said some things that apparently calmed her down a bit. He said bioplast jewelry was the best for decreasing gum erosion, and that we should definitely look into it.

After about 10 minutes of consent forms, etc., he started unpackaging the jewelry. He said that in his opinion it did hurt, but only for a split second. I braced myself and he told me to do some weird thing with my lip, he lifted it up, and pierced from the inside out. (Not that fast, obviously I had to use mouthwash, etc.)It hurt! But not too much. I've taken good care of it since, but recently I lost the cap to the labret stud! OH NO! No worries :P, i went to spencer's and got a new bioplast one. It's so pretty! Now I really can't feel it at all! And it's push in, so it won't fall out :].

As far as the healing process goes, it's not as hard as other piercings. They say to use an alcohol free mouthwash. I say use that and rinse with a saline solution (sea salt and warm water) once a day. This will clean the piercing and help it to heal. Also, use an antibacterial soap, like Dial liquid, in the shower and just rub it into the piercing and turn the jewelry a few times, then rinse thoroughly. If you're a real germ freak, 1-3 times a week you should take a cotton ball, dip it in saline solution and press it onto your piercing for 5-10 minutes. These are all the steps you should take if you want a happy, healthy, beautiful lip piercing!

Now, of course I got the whole "Don't do it!" and "Medusa piercings are soooo weird!" phenomena. But, I wanted it and I didn't let anybody else's opinions get in my way. I found it ridiculous that they had the nerve to try to tell me what to do. To me, piercings are all about being original, different, and letting go of what other people think. Therefore, having "rules" about what you should pierce, unless there is a medical reason why you shouldn't, is frankly crazy!

I've had my medusa piercing for a month and I absolutely LOVE IT! If you want one, I say GO FOR IT! Who caress if other people think it's weird, I think its gorgeous and amazing!

Other piercings: left nostril, 0g ear lobes, left conch, right tragus, right snug.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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