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Hopefully this one will last.

So, this is my second time having a lip ring done. I had one done last year, and loved it. It lasted through a trip home (where I had to take it out every day and put it back in every night), and a couple other instances where I removed it. However, I took it out one night for a nice dinner, and it had closed up by the time we had gotten home, maybe three hours later. Very aggravating.

I missed it a lot more than I thought I would, considering I got it done the first time mostly at my boyfriend's behest. So, I decided to go back in to the place where I had the first one done and get it done again.

I've used Epic Ink and Melinda in the past (for a rejected naval and the other lip ring), and I've seen the tattoo, nose piercing, and naval that they have done on my friend (under my influence - it's really a lot of fun to have someone who likes to get piercings go with you).

Since they are an hour and a half away, I made really sure that I wanted to get it done again before we left (driving all that way and chickening out was not an option). Another thing that I had to consider was the fact that I would still have to keep it hidden from my parents. They are pretty conservative, judging and disliking all piercing wearing people - the only reason my mom took me to get my second lobes was because she had gotten her's years ago. They only know about my first and second lobes, and one of my cartilage, and I plan to keep it that way. But, the tiny dot of a scar under my lip kept taunting me.

When we got there, the shop was a little busy, so we sat and waited ("we" being my needle-phobic boyfriend and one of our roommates). While we were waiting, we spent the time looking at all of the pretty flash on the wall, and through the binder of a bunch of their previous customers' piercings. I found a lot that I liked, which is probably a bad thing - I don't think that people really want their (future) psychologists to have multiple body mods all over. Then, when my turn came, I went up to the desk and filled out all of the pertinent paperwork.

Melinda then had us sit while she prepped the room, doing all of the sanitizing and whatnot. Once that was completed, she called us in. The roommate elected to stay out on the couch, so my boyfriend and I traipsed in.

I sat on the big dentist chair, and she came over with the toothpick and asked where I wanted the piercing. I told her to put it on the scar of the previous hole. This turned out to be a more painful option, which she did not explain until after. Apparently, putting a new hole through the previous scar tissue has a tendency to hurt worse and bleed more.

Fortunately, I guess, she did not tell me the above information until afterwards, so I had no chance to chicken out. I went into it thinking it would hurt as little as the first time (slight pressure, in and out, the clamp hurt worse).

So, she clamped me, and began. She poked the needle through, and it hurt a bit. Maybe a 4/10 or so. I've been in more pain, but this definitely was an eye opener. Melinda noticed my twinge, and she explained why it hurt more. Oh.

She pulled the jewelry through (stainless steel labret stud - it was cheapest, and I knew I'd be changing it to bioplast as soon as possible), finished up by wiping off the spot of blood and handing me a mirror to admire my new (ish) piercing. Going over all of the aftercare, she handed me a pamphlet that explained it all again.

We then proceeded to the front to pay. I gave her the cash (I think it was $30 or so) and her tip ($10), and thanked her profusely.

I left the piercing completely alone the entire rest of the day since we were out and I knew that I wasn't going to be sanitary.

When we got home, one of our other roommate saw the labret stud that she had put in place for the time being and said he was glad that I wasn't one of those stupid girls who walks around with a hoop in my lip. That made me laugh, since a hoop was exactly what I was planning to go to. Oh well.

I'm definitely going back there for any future piercings (nipples?) or tattoos, and I'd recommend them to anyone in the area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Melinda+Kidd
Studio: Epic+Ink
Location: Medford%2C+OR%2C+USA

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