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Not So Hard.

I had recently been debating piercing my smiley/scrumper or what ever you wish to call it. I've always really liked this piercing, and one of my friends has it and gets compliments all the time. I especially like it if the loop chosen is pretty thin, without balls or colors other than silver. Being only fifteen, my mother doesn't actually approve of facial piercing so I figured this would be relatively easy to hide, and I would be able to do it myself. I wasn't worried about doing it myself as I have done a number of piercings on myself and others in the past that have always turned out very well.

Today I was home alone and bored so it seemed like a good time to experiment. I gathered the necessary equipment and put on my game face. Before rushing into it, I decided to do a bit of research on people who have pierced their themselves. Most of the stories I found were people who had a lot of difficulty. Problems included it being in an awkward position to pierce, using the wrong size needle, not being able to find the hole to insert jewelry after it's pierced, etc. It seemed as though everyone who had tried to do it themselves ended up frustrated and with a swollen lip. For a second I hesitated about whether or not this was such a good idea, but like I said before I'm fifteen, and good decision making skills isn't my best quality.

I brushed my teeth and swished some Listerine and washed my hands, hoping to kill as many germs as possible, especially in my mouth. I took a match to a safety pin (yeah, sanitary, good choice, I know) and pinched the skin a little just to test the waters. Not going to lie, it hurt a little more than I had anticipated. I dug through my drawers until I found a tube of Orajel. I applied that to the inside of my lip (which I do not recommend before a piercing, I honestly don't know if it's even safe), and pinched again. Jackpot, I could barely feel it.

I then lifted up my lip and chose the spot where I thought the piercing would work best. I decided very close to my gum and near the bottom of the skin would be best. I almost decided to do the little bubble of skin in the front (I don't know if that's abnormal?) but it was thicker and seemed as though it would be more difficult. Some people have said they've had problems holding up their lips and doing the piercing at the same time, but i avoided this by simply using the muscles in my lip to do so instead of using my fingers. I took a facial tissue and held it against the other side to keep the skin tight and stuck the needle through. It went in pretty smoothly until the last layer of skin, which i always the hardest, but I could barely feel it so I pushed it a little harder and it went right through. I wiggled the needle around a bit to slightly stretch the hole. Honestly, I don't know if that even works, but it seemed like a good idea to prevent losing the hole after taki ng the needle out. I pulled the needle out and could see a slight indent where the hole was. I took my pre-sterilized (with a match as well, I hope that works) loop and stuck it through without any difficulty. I clipped it closed and looked in the mirror. In my opinion, it looked good. So much for the horror stories I had previously read and all of the people who said they thought it was ugly.

After examining it in the mirror for a while and consulting a friend I decided I wanted to keep it. I have yet to show my mother, so I am a little nervous about what she will have to say. Also, I realize my techniques weren't exactly up to par with professional safety standards, so I'm hoping this follows the pattern of my previous self piercings and stays healthy and uninfected.

One word of caution though, avoid hot and/or spicy foods directly after. And if you MUST to have them just keep them away from the new piercing. Another thing to remember is keeping it clean, I clean it using mouthwash, after I hold it out of the way while brushing my teeth.

If anyone knows where to get REALLY small loops could you please e-mail me? The one I have in currently is a bit big for my taste. And, also, if you have any information on the safety of using Orajel I would appreciate some help.


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on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Lip Piercing

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